Senior Software Engineer - Backend

Braintribe, Vienna, Austria

Bridging Duality

Before you read further, ask yourself… “Is this me?”

“I am looking for an organisation that offers innovative and purposeful work that will fuel my individual passions and enable me to grow both personally and professionally, while working alongside other forward thinking people in one of Europe’s most promising IT startups.”

If this resonates with you, we encourage you to read on.

Company Overview: Braintribe

Braintribe, named Gartner Cool Vendor, is building the OS for Data. We create products and platforms with our customers and partners who are a mix of Fortune 100 and 500 companies across different industries. We are a diverse and global company based in Vienna, Austria and we seek out passionate, self-motivated people who are committed to our shared vision, and those who want to work in an organisation where they can co-create their career path and developmental opportunities.

Your Role: Senior Software Engineer - Backend

You are a backend and/or Java guru who wants to provide the most compelling backend architecture and is not afraid of fundamental data challenges. You will join several senior team members as part of our Smart Organization team -- a “mini-startup” within Braintribe as a Senior Software Engineer - Backend. We are seeking extraordinary talent to help architect and build the backend of our cloud platform that will enable true business agility for teams, startups, enterprises and organizations of any size and type. Our backend engineering team develops completely new ways of structuring, analysing, scaling, and exposing data by fostering graphs, machine learning, natural language understanding, multi-tenant cloud deployments, as well as traditional backend service development. As a member of the Smart Organization team you will work on topics across many technology stacks, SaaS solutions, and cloud environments in order to ensure our customers can steer their smart organizations as easily as possible.

Your Credentials: You Are A Firestarter

At Braintribe, a BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Business, Engineering or a related subject is nice to have… but we care much more about your ability to thrive in the areas outlined below.

  • The Required Experience / Knowledge:
    • 8+ years of Java experience (Guru Status)
    • Cloud deployment “know-how.”
    • Comfortable analyzing and debugging performance issues across distributed systems.
    • Experience developing a maintainable codebase and optimizing code for performance.
    • High personal standards of clean and maintainable code.
    • High-energy, company first, always positive attitude, motivated to work hard in fast-paced environment.
    • Customer focused, attention to detail, relentless drive to final goal.
  • How can you show us that you rock?
    • Through different ways… great interview, live coding session, hackathon wins, you had your own business, link to your best open source project on github ... surprise us, because we definitely will surprise you with the technical challenges you will be facing! 

Our Culture: The Life and Times At Braintribe

  • Ownership and Autonomy are the greatest forms of self-identity at Braintribe. You are making an impact now.
  • Openness, Honesty and Transparency are at the heart of our business.
  • We are self-starters who work with the attitude “nothing is impossible.”
  • Our theme: “The power of the individual is as powerful as the world is infinite.”
  • Remember, in the end, culture forms the tribe.

Braintribe has our own compensation structure, but the following statement is noted to comply with the law: We offer a salary, which is conform to Austrian law (IT-KV) starting at €2.900 per month (14 times) based on your experience/qualifications.

About Braintribe

About us Braintribe is an innovative software vendor with headquarters located in Vienna (AT) and main offices in São Paulo (BRA), Zürich (CH) and London (UK). The latest product, tribefire, is the Smart Enterprise Information Platform based on disruptive development approach and revolutionary technology. tribefire is the Big Data virtualization & modeling platform and is designed to unleash the real value of Big Data, Cloud and Mobility. Organisations like Fides, Samsung, Unicredit, Software AG and many more benefit from “incredibly fast time to solution for complex challenges”, “return on investment within the first year” and “70% increase in productivity”.

Want to learn more about Braintribe? Visit Braintribe's website.