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Bright Cellars, Milwaukee, WI

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The perfect flexible summer job - we're working on a direct mail project and need help stuffing marketing letters!

  • Your job will be to stuff, stamp and seal marketing letters. We get a new batch weekly and could use your help.
  • It's a pretty easy and relaxing job. Other marketing team members will be working alongside you.  You get to hang out and chat while you do it, so time goes by quickly.
  • We'll set the schedule one week in advance, but the total number and frequency of shifts is up to you.
  • It’s an easy gig for summer if you’re a student or for some extra cash if you have a flexible schedule.
  • We'll have you start with your first shift, and if it seems like a good fit for both of us, we'll discuss scheduling more.
This is a paid position at $10/hr. Opportunities to extend into a part-time internship with our marketing team (learn all marketing aspects, not just letter stuffing) are available for the right candidate.

About Bright Cellars

WE WANT TO HELP YOU DISCOVER WINE! We have a passion for wine, and our goal is to help our members discover the fantastic world of wine. Wine is one of the world's oldest beverages and we deeply respect its tradition. At the same time, it's all about having a great time drinking what we love. Whether you're an experienced wine drinker or just exploring, we hope you get to try something you otherwise would never have picked up and discover something you find amazing!

Bright Cellars

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