Data Architect

Bright Health, Minneapolis, MN


Bright Health will deliver a smarter, more connected healthcare experience. The company’s affordable health insurance plans, exclusive partnerships with leading health systems, and simple, friendly approach to technology are reshaping how people and physicians achieve better health together. Today, Bright Health provides health insurance to individuals in Colorado and will be expanding to other geographies and product offerings in 2018. 
We are united by a common vision: To deliver the best healthcare experience by putting brilliant minds, empathetic hearts and personalized technology to work to create meaningful relationships between our members and Care Partners.
Our mission? Making Healthcare Right. Together.
As a member of the Technology Data Warehouse team, The database architect has primary administrative responsibility for the actual physical design of the warehouse environment.  He or she participates in the modeling activities as the representative of the physical implementation of the model’s entities.  He or she oversees the creation of the database tables and the maintenance of the warehouse’s physical environment and monitors the changes made to the environment.  The database architect’s strength lies in his or her ability to develop the vision of the physical view of the warehouse.


  • Create logical and physical data modeling for the data warehouse
  • Gather business data requirements and maintain a company wide data dictionary
  • Participate on the decision support steering committee
  • Source the data from the operational and disparate systems
  • Apply the business transformation rules with the data transformation design
  • Prepare a database-loadable file for the Data Warehouse
  • Manage the deployment of the data acquisition tool(s)
  • Contribute the technical metadata to the metadata repository
  • Program, test, implement and maintain any data extraction programs necessary to extract the data from the operational systems needed to be moved to the Data Warehouse
You have 5+ years of hands-on experience in all phases of data management, including both OLTP and data warehouse/data marts.  You sometimes dream in SQL.  You have designed EDWs with precision and detail with specific focus modeling in a self-service environment.  You are adept at identifying problems, performing root cause analysis and creating solutions. You thrive in collaborative environments. Like others on our diverse team, you are humble, mature and check your ego at the door.  You are brave and always challenge the status quo, but respectful and have an open mind. You are deeply motivated to join an organization that places relationships at the center of better healthcare delivery. In addition, you have the following technical competencies:
-         SQL Server 2012 or higher versions (includes Management Studio)
-         SQL Server Data Tools (includes Integration Services)
-         SAP Power Designer or other data modeling tools
-         Lucid Chart/Visio
-         Master Data Management administration
Bonus: ETL experience with SSIS/Visual Studio or Talend Open Studio
Bonus: Health care industry (payer and/or provider side; HIPAA/HITECH/HITRUST)

About Bright Health

Here’s the great thing about building a health plan from the ground up. We get to ask "why" at every turn – and make every decision a thoughtful one. But we’re different than other new health insurance companies because we come from big places. Our leaders have decades of experience working in health insurance and are committed to improving the customer experience. They started Bright Health because they know what to do and, more importantly, what not to do when creating a system that will actually work in your favor. Bright Health believes healthcare can be done better. Our carefully selected network: When we sat down to design Bright Health plans, we were thinking about relationships – the one between you and your doctor, and also the one between us and your doctor. Then we set out to create purposeful partnerships with caring providers. We call them our Care Partner. Our tight-knit network gives you access to a community of compassionate providers who are working together with us and with each other to help you live Brighter. Our commitment to service: When you need care, you want someone familiar who can help you, someone who actually feels good to interact with. And in-between visits to the doctor, you want someone who will help you thrive. So with any Bright Health plan, you get us, your Bright Health Team. We’re here, ready to help. No matter if your question is “Can I see this doctor?” or “How much is covered?” it’s easy to reach a real person who can get you the right answers and help you find the right care. There, that’s better. Our Whole Health Rewards: Keeping good health extends far beyond how many steps you take, what your BMI is, or what kind of food you eat. Don’t get us wrong, those things certainly contribute to your well-being but there’s a whole lot more to the picture. We provide opportunities for you to earn $$ throughout the year for making good decisions that lead to a Brighter life. When you and your health plan both want what’s best for you – it makes staying well a whole lot easier.

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