Software Engineer - Dynamics CRM (remote)

Bright Health, Remote


Help shape the culture and practices of an ambitious Engineering organization working to improve health insurance in the U.S.! 

We are on the search for all levels fo Dynamics CRM software engineers to focus on the hands-on creation, feature development, and subsequent maintenance of Bright Health properties using Dynamics CRM. 

We are hiring Mid to Lead level roles. If you have at least 2 full years (or more) of hands-on-keyboard experience, in a production environment, we'd love to chat with you!


  • Assist in design, analysis and development of MS Dynamics CRM Components, data migration, integration of legacy systems, and building and deployment of MS Dynamics CRM Components
  • Translate client business requirements into CRM solutions, including requirements approval, communication, traceability and reuse
  • Use CRM workflow technology to automate business processes
  • Stay abreast on updates and new releases in CRM technologies 
  • Collaborate directly with product managers, UX researchers, and designers to define and implement solutions for our digital properties
  • Contribute to the design, development and implement systems, full-stack applications and/or websites related to the healthcare insurance industry. 
  • Collaborate with teammates on technical design, work estimation, and implementation of new features. 
  • Stay on top of bug and task management using JIRA or similar. 


  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud development / implementation required.
  • Experience in implementing CRM integrations to other systems using web services. 
  • Experience with C# or Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Web Services, and the CRM SDK is preferred. 
  • Experience implementing a Health plan using Dynamics CRM is preferred.
  • Experience extending Dynamics CRM workflows using .Net components. 
  • Significant experience in development and support of CRM applications. 
  • Experience in building database queries and procedures. 
  • Experience with system integration or user acceptance testing 
  • Experience with business process design or re-engineering. 
  • Experience implementing or using CRM systems to support sales and marketing functions or customer service and call center operations.


  • 2-5+ years’ experience in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud product required 
  • 1-3+ years of experience developing complex applications 
  • 1-2+ years of experience as senior on CRM implementation. 
  • 1-2+ years leading projects on design and delivery 
  • 1-2+ years with business requirements analysis and modeling 
  • 1-2+ years creating functional designs, test conditions and test scripts 


  • You love learning, you love teaching
  • You are constantly growing your own knowledge and helping to grow the knowledge of others
  • You enjoy wearing multiple hats and roles, and titles are not important to you
  • You enjoy doing it right first time and utilize tools & techniques to constantly excel in what you work to deliver it on time
  • You do top-quality work, manage quality, and make everything you touch better
  • You are comfortable working under strict confidentiality agreements and often behind the-scenes
  • You are self-organized and manage time and resources well
  • You are able to not only work alone, but also communicate within a team by sending updates, tracking time, and other forms of communication while you work

At Bright Health, we brought together the brightest minds from the health care industry and consumer technology and together we created Bright Health: a new, brighter approach to healthcare, built for individuals. Our plans are easy to manage, personalized and more affordable, giving people the quality care they deserve. Through our exclusive care partnerships with leading health systems in local communities we are reshaping how people and physicians achieve better health together.
We’re Making Healthcare Right. Together. 

We've won some fun awards like: Great Places to WorkModern HealthcareForbes, etc. But more than anything, we're a group of people who are really dedicated to our mission in healthcare. Come join our growing team!
As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we welcome and employ a diverse employee group committed to meeting the needs of Bright Health, our consumers, and the communities we serve. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law.


About Bright Health

Here’s the great thing about building a health plan from the ground up. We get to ask "why" at every turn – and make every decision a thoughtful one. But we’re different than other new health insurance companies because we come from big places. Our leaders have decades of experience working in health insurance and are committed to improving the customer experience. They started Bright Health because they know what to do and, more importantly, what not to do when creating a system that will actually work in your favor. Bright Health believes healthcare can be done better. Our carefully selected network: When we sat down to design Bright Health plans, we were thinking about relationships – the one between you and your doctor, and also the one between us and your doctor. Then we set out to create purposeful partnerships with caring providers. We call them our Care Partner. Our tight-knit network gives you access to a community of compassionate providers who are working together with us and with each other to help you live Brighter. Our commitment to service: When you need care, you want someone familiar who can help you, someone who actually feels good to interact with. And in-between visits to the doctor, you want someone who will help you thrive. So with any Bright Health plan, you get us, your Bright Health Team. We’re here, ready to help. No matter if your question is “Can I see this doctor?” or “How much is covered?” it’s easy to reach a real person who can get you the right answers and help you find the right care. There, that’s better. Our Whole Health Rewards: Keeping good health extends far beyond how many steps you take, what your BMI is, or what kind of food you eat. Don’t get us wrong, those things certainly contribute to your well-being but there’s a whole lot more to the picture. We provide opportunities for you to earn $$ throughout the year for making good decisions that lead to a Brighter life. When you and your health plan both want what’s best for you – it makes staying well a whole lot easier.

Want to learn more about Bright Health? Visit Bright Health's website.