Project Engineer (Pre-Construction)

BuildZoom, Scottsdale, AZ

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Duration: Full-Time

BuildZoom is a managed marketplace for construction work. We help people build and remodel homes and commercial projects.  We guide clients through the pre-construction process, and connect them with highly qualified construction professionals in our network. Our platform ensures accountability and transparency, enabling us to deliver great outcomes in a challenging industry. We managed $150 million in contracts in 2019 and will manage $300 million in 2020. 

The construction engineer plays a vital role at BuildZoom. You will help spec and clarify the initial RFP, helping the property owner clarify their spec.  to contract execution, you’ll represent the client’s interests and lay the groundwork for a successful project. You’ll also collaborate closely with our sales, product, and engineering teams as we continually improve and scale our service offerings. 

Our managed service is explained in more detail here: https://www.buildzoom.com/premium

Key Responsibilities

  • First and foremost, work as an advocate for your clients; navigate them through design, implementation, and budgetary challenges. 
  • Analyze drawings, plans, and requirements to develop a full understanding of the project. 
  • Build a strong relationship with the client and communicate consistently through the process. 
  • Customize and send construction and architectural RFPs to vendors, and work with them through the bidding process. 
  • Represent the client through negotiation and value engineering. 
  • Provide consistently great service while managing multiple projects. 
  • Overcome hurdles to keep projects moving forward in an efficient manner. 
  • Collaborate with operations and engineering to continually improve BuildZoom’s managed services.
  • Look for opportunities to expand BuildZoom managed services and provide additional value to our clients.


  • 2+ years of construction experience in onsite operations/project management, estimating, and purchasing. 
  • Degree or comparable training in construction management, engineering, or other relevant areas. 
  • High level of attention to detail, and understanding of building science principles. 
  • First-rate communication and customer-relations skills. 
  • Ability to manage a multitude of projects while maintaining high standards.

About BuildZoom

Using BuildZoom is just like asking a neighbor for a recommendation - except instead of just asking one, you are polling every neighbor in your community, analyzing their feedback, exhaustively researching work histories and credentials and only then, making a final decision. Our Approach BuildZoom is built on trust … and a lot of data To provide you with a recommendation you can trust, we comb through millions of license records, building permits and consumer reviews.


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