Release Engineer

Bungie, Bellevue

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Do you have an insatiable drive for completion of any task at an exceptional quality bar, whether at an individual or team level? Is "yum" just what you think when something tastes good? Are source control administration commands and monitoring second nature so you can sense questions or disturbances before users even bring them up? Would you see "these servers are supposed to have identical config settings but don't" as an opportunity to do some detective work? Do you even bat an eye at "I need to submit 75k files" or "synching this 3TB branch seems slow"?

As a Release Engineer at Bungie you will be involved in the day-to-day work with administering our source control system. You'll work with other Release Engineers to support multi-site teams and partner with them on their needs to ensure successful development cycles. Your responsibilities will range from handling support requests and analyzing data to running maintenance or scripting needed tasks, although there are always other opportunities where you can have an impact.

About Bungie

Bungie was founded in 1991 with two simple goals: Develop kick ass games that combine state-of-the-art technology with uncompromising art, captivating storytelling, and deep gameplay. Sell enough copies of those games to fund our ongoing quest for total World Domination. Now located in bustling downtown Bellevue, Washington, Bungie has spent the last decade forging the Halo series into an award-winning global entertainment phenomenon. But our pedigree goes back further than Halo. Over the past twenty years we also created a bunch of other fun games, including the Marathon Trilogy and the first two Myth games, hailed as classics by critics, gamers, and our parents alike. We were just getting warmed up. Now we find ourselves at the beginning of a bold and ambitious new adventure. Armed with the best talent, state-of-the-art technology, and the finest community on the planet, we’re preparing to unleash our newest creation upon the world. Be brave.

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