Senior Software Engineer

BuzzFeed, New York

The social news and entertainment company.

BuzzFeed’s engineering team runs a lean, iterative development process where we deploy early and often. BuzzFeed’s engineering team runs a lean, iterative development process where we deploy early and often. We have engineering wide hack weeks and we deeply value open source, giving back to the community by speaking, hosting meetups and contributing to projects we benefit from.

BuzzFeed tech teams take pride in designing elegant, simple solutions to challenging problems, creating quality software and promoting best practices for writing maintainable, well­-tested code. We need to build for scale and support millions of users globally. BuzzFeed has grown massively in the past few years both within our editorial teams and products, with groundbreaking news investigations and new brands such as Tasty.

We're looking for an experienced engineer who loves building software from scratch, contribute independently and work with other teams including Product, Design, and Infrastructure to deliver our products—this type of collaboration is key to our success!


About The Job:

Tasty launched in July 2015 on Facebook and has over 80 million followers today. We are planning to expand the reach of Tasty beyond Facebook and are building a feature-rich, easily accessible experience to Tasty content and Tasty recipes. This team will bring a deep, branded experience onto our owned and operated Tasty website. In addition, you will join a team integrating the Tasty experience with different hardware technologies and bringing an enhanced mobile app experience to our followers. Tasty has inspired a cookbook and now a Tasty Junior cookbook for kids and working with affiliates to bring Tasty branded products to market.

As a Senior Software Engineer you will help craft the vision and roadmap for an operational platform that enables the engineering team to build world-class products and services. You will act as a technical mentor to other engineers and participate in technical decisions with your manager. You will be responsible for owning a wide range of critical problems and projects by leading projects and driving them through to completion. 


About You:

  • Experience building large scale web applications
  • Fluency in dynamic languages. e.g. JavaScript, Python, Go
  • Excellent front-end web development skills
  • An understanding of semantic and accessible markup patterns for flexible reuse.
  • Experience working with CSS / SCSS at scale and knowledge of handling complexity.
  • Excellent JavaScript programming skills. You should have a fundamental understanding of the language and how to use it to develop large, modular applications.
  • Good understanding of techniques such as Responsive Web Design and progressive enhancement.
  • Experience of TDD in server and client side contexts.
  • Experience with automated testing solutions and evaluating the pros and cons.
  • Understanding of Service Oriented Architectures and consuming RESTful web services.
  • Knowledge of strategies to improve FE performance (both load and runtime)
  • Experience with agile workplaces and working within a collaborative team.
  • Experience with mentoring team members and assisting with their professional developme


Tech stack:

  • Python / Go
  • AWS, GCP
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Source Control (Git)
  • Databases (MySQL, Redis, Cassandra, Redshift, BigQuery, ElasticSearch)
  • Infrastructure Tools (Docker, ECS, Terraform)
  • Messaging systems (NSQ)
  • Monitoring / Instrumentation (Nagios, DataDog, StatsD)
  • Frontend (React, Redux, T3.js, Sass)
  • Service Oriented Architecture


About BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is the leading independent digital media and tech company delivering news and entertainment content to a global audience. We have offices in 18 cities around the world and more than 1500 employees including reporters, video producers, data scientists, engineers, brand strategists, and more. We fuse hard work and fun through a culture of experimentation, teamwork, equality, and humble confidence. As an employee, you’ll enjoy perks like office events, snacks, career development courses, and no work on your birthday! But most importantly, you’ll work with inspiring colleagues to build tools and create content that helps connect people all over the world.

About BuzzFeed

New media giant, BuzzFeed, attracts over 200 million unique visitors per month, or more quantifiably, everybody on your newsfeed, all the time. 

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