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Human Interest is a Y Combinator-backed company that offers an easy and affordable 401(k) retirement plan for the modern workforce. We've built an automated, paperless 401(k) that makes it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to offer a 401(k) benefit to their employees -- something that only 14% of them are able to do today. In doing so, we're empowering businesses of any size to safeguard the financial futures of their employees.

Human Interest is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, veteran or military status, or any other characteristics protected under federal, state, or local laws.


We're looking for a highly experienced technical leader equally comfortable architecting systems, writing code, and articulating complex ideas to engineers and non-technical colleagues.

You'll work hand-in-hand with the CTO on the company's most challenging problems. This means your work will have a direct and outsized impact on the company's financial success. You'll help us accomplish something few in our industry have achieved: complete ownership of our financial back-end that will leave us poised to scale to billions of dollars under management. We can't do this without you.

In addition, you'll serve as a facilitator, strategist and set priority for all of our internal discussions around technical debt, platform, and architecture. You'll be expected to both bring your point of view and to advocate and expand on the views of our engineering team.

You'll be joining a highly collaborative engineering culture. We have an Architecture Review Board that regularly meets and discusses how to prioritize paying down technical debt. We set aside 20% of the team's time for doing this. We also love pair programming, in-depth code reviews, and documenting our work.

What you'll do

  • Contribute directly to high-impact projects of key importance to our business across the stack
  • Grow engineers in their technical skills, with a focus on senior engineers
  • Help establish and share knowledge of best practices across the team
  • Support teams in day-to-day development as a technical mentor
  • Lead prioritization of work related to technical debt and improving our platform
  • Work with engineering management to identify ways to improve our integration and delivery pipelines
  • Support engineering management in hiring junior, senior, and QA engineers
  • Learn and embrace the staggering complexity of payroll deduction-based investment and law translated to business rules!

You may be a good fit if

  • You communicate clearly and are a “wide acceptor” of many different communication styles
  • You're on the Engineer-swing of The Engineer/Manager Pendulum
  • You consider yourself a coalition-builder
  • You love making (and re-making) easily understandable and changeable code
  • You cut scope with great zeal and fairness
  • You've acted as a technical leader on teams that simultaneously paid down technical debt and shipped new features
  • You've worked as a core contributor across multiple projects simultaneously, while adapting to changing priorities
  • Other engineers you've worked with look to you as a mentor, regardless of your relative seniority

Fun problems for you to work on

  • Refine our data modeling, currently shared across SQL, GraphQL, TypeScript, Sequelize and joi
  • Research and implement industry best practices around data ingestion, ETL, task processing
  • Establish metrics and SLAs around everything we do to increase visibility and make prioritization easier across engineering and operations
  • Create observable systems so that debugging is much easier
  • Create a messaging system and figure out system boundaries
  • Research pragmatic technology choices for the above and bring your own :)

Technologies we use

  • Back-end: Node (Typescript/ES6 JavaScript, mostly) with a bit of Go
  • Front-end: React, Baobab, GraphQL, Sequelize
  • Cloud: Heroku (and a hacked buildpack for headless Chrome), Amazon S3
  • Persistence: PostgreSQL with a bit of Redis
  • Security: TweetNaCl, scrypt
  • Legacy: Tonnnnnnns of interfacing with old systems via CSVs and SFTP

Please apply if you don't match everything above!

We are more interested in talent and trajectory than qualifications or knowledge.

Why Work With Us?

Our Team

  • We count hundreds of businesses all over the United States as our lovely customers. We're proud to be working with business owners and employees who are doing amazing work across a variety of industries: technology, construction, retail, medicine, nonprofit, and many more!
  • We have a world-class team from diverse backgrounds, each with a track record of success. We come to work every day knowing we're working on an important problem: helping people save for retirement at a critical time when pensions are going extinct and Social Security isn't enough.

Our Mission

  • We believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity for a secure financial future. We want idealistic and talented people to join our team of doers and builders.
  • You'll be given autonomy and many responsibilities, all while working with a fun and passionate team of entrepreneurs. Above all, you'll help us solve the #1 financial concern for Americans: not having enough money for retirement.

Human Interest acknowledges the fundamental value and dignity of all people. We've pledged ourselves to developing and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, ideas, heritages, and experiences. We're committed to honoring our differences by accepting nothing less than equitable treatment of all applicants and employees.

Diversity and inclusion help us do better as a business, and we deliberately build processes to create a workplace where all are welcome and accepted. We're proactive and purposeful in prioritizing diversity and inclusion internally not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because we believe it's the only way to effectively create products and services that can be truly helpful to all people.

Our Benefits

As an employee benefits company, benefits are very important to us, and Human Interest's philosophy is to be generous when it comes to employees' wellness. Here's what we currently offer:

  • A great 401(k) plan: our own! Our 401(k) includes a dollar-for-dollar employer match up to 4% of compensation.
  • Top-of-the-line health insurance plans, as well as dental and vision insurance, with premiums fully paid for by the company.
  • An annual membership to One Medical Group, with membership fees paid by Human Interest.
  • Commuter benefits (use pre-tax money to pay for public transportation, with the company contributing $30/mo)
  • FSA with an employer contribution of $500 per year.
  • Dollar-for-dollar match of employee donations to non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations, up to $500 per year.
  • Healthy snacks and drinks available at our office.
  • Parental leave policy
    • Primary caregivers: 16 weeks PTO
    • Secondary caregivers: 8 weeks PTO
    • Time off can be taken any time within the first 12 months of the child's birth

Our Perks

  • Office just a short walk away from Montgomery BART and MUNI
  • Conference room with video games and couches!
  • Regular team offsites retreats and fun events
  • Well-stocked snack kitchen
  • The highest quality coffee and teas

We have a very particular philosophy when it comes to perks. We believe employer funds are best spent on making our team bond and be more productive, while also investing in the long-term physical, financial, and emotional well-being of our employees.


About Captain401

About us Captain401 offers the easiest and most affordable 401(k) retirement plan for the modern workforce. We empower all businesses, no matter their size, to safeguard the financial futures of their employees. We are an automated, paperless 401(k) that reduces all administrative burden for our customers. Enrolling in our plan takes just a few minutes and our website is simple and user-friendly for both employers and employees. Captain401 provides innovative solutions for a massive problem—as of 2015, U.S. retirement assets totaled $25 trillion. Even so, less than half of Americans have saved enough for retirement. We want to change that. Captain401 is backed by Y Combinator, SoftTech VC, SV Angel, CrunchFund, Slow Ventures, and other top Silicon Valley investors.


Want to learn more about Captain401? Visit Captain401's website.