Software Engineer - Developer Tools

Carbon, Redwood City

Stop prototyping. Start producing.

Carbon is looking to hire an amazing engineer to help build world-class developer tools and release engineering processes. Software will continue to be critical to Carbon’s success, and we have a diverse, interesting set of software releases to manage -- from software that installs and runs on our printers and washers, all delivered on a regular basis via over-the-air upgrades, to an increasing focus on complementary cloud-based software for compute-intensive analysis and fleet management. We’re also simultaneously managing the conflicting needs of new customers eager to use the latest release versus the requirements for validated, perhaps even regulated, manufacturing runs where any amount of change is impactful. With your help, our developers and test engineers will stay efficient, using automation wherever possible to streamline and simplify our ability to handle whatever comes our way. You'd be working with a small, collaborative team, working only on modern technologies -- our entire codebase is less than three years old.


  • Work closely with software developers and QA test engineers to build tools and streamline processes around build, test, code review, deployment, and other release-related tasks.
  • Manage and extend our git repository
  • Manage and improve front-end tools and integrations across git, phabricator, jenkins, jira, and home-grown tools
  • Set up and deploy docker containers for managing different versions and snapshots of compilation environments
  • Manage and improve our bazel-based build process


  • Passion for building developer tools
  • 3+ years experience developing software tools, including expertise in Python or other scripting languages
  • Extensive experience with leading developer tools such as Git, Jenkins, Docker, and Jira, in Linux environments
  • Experience with AWS and cloud deployment
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills
Carbon is an equal opportunity employer. 

About Carbon

About Carbon WHO WE ARE Carbon works at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science. Our vision is a future fabricated with light, where traceable, final-quality parts are produced at scale with CLIP technology. CLIP — Continuous Liquid Interface Production — makes this vision possible by combining engineering­-grade materials with exceptional resolution and surface finish. HARNESSING LIGHT AND OXYGEN TO PRODUCE OBJECTS FROM A POOL OF RESIN, CLIP is a photochemical process that eliminates the shortcomings of conventional 3D printing by harnessing light and oxygen to rapidly produce objects from a pool of resin. From everyday products like tennis shoes and electronics, to industrial components, to highly customizable medical devices, CLIP makes it possible for creators to design the parts and products of the future.

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