Senior Data Engineer - Data Warehouse

Cardlytics, Cardlytics Headquarters - Atlanta, GA

The Power of Purchase Intelligence

The big picture

Cardlytics is seeking a Senior Data Engineer with excellent technical qualifications and passion for creating high performing and scalable data systems on top of SQL Server and Vertica (and possibly even Kafka and Spark in the near future).  A successful Senior Data Engineer will be able to participate in discussions in designing and architecting solutions, making sure many aspects of the problem, both current and future, are taken into consideration and lead the team to correctly implement those solutions in a timely manner.

Cool stuff you get to do

The Senior Data Engineer is responsible for the design and coding of new features and applications, enhancing existing products, and implementing new technologies, paradigms, and practices to provide the best solutions to our customers. This includes technical design and development of Cardlytics current and future systems as a part of a team of data engineers and across other Engineering and business teams. The Senior Data Engineer will also be responsible for implementing organizational and industry standards and best practices to ensure compatibility, scalability, performance, and maintainability.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  •  Develop new applications and features within a scrum team providing data and data services to the enterprise, other engineering teams, data science, analysts, product, management/executives, and other business teams
  • Build high performing and scalable data systems to support multiple internal and 3rd party data pipelines and make the data available as soon as possible
  • Implement new technologies and practices where appropriate to provide the best solutions to our customers
  • Responsible for architecture/design and risk analysis/mitigation on a micro level
  • Develop and maintain solutions on our tech stack environments (MS SQL Server, SSIS, Vertica, python)
  • Work with business teams to create technical requirements and deliver within time and scope
  • Work with IT Operations and Prod Support to ensure solutions are releasable, maintainable, and scalable
  • Work with Risk & Compliance to ensure necessary logging/security is in place to comply with audits
  • Help develop team members through code reviews, enforcing standards, best practices, policies, and processes
  • Participate in POCs as requested for new related tech versions, toolsets, and solutions both built and bought to prove viability for given business cases

Qualifications and Experience

  • 5+ years of data engineering, ETL, and data warehousing experiences in MS SQL Server and SSIS (Must have in-depth knowledge of SQL Server and SSIS and their internals).
  • 2+ years of diagnosing issues and tuning queries and SSIS packages.
  • 1+ year of working with and optimizing queries in Vertica is a huge plus.
  • Other big pluses: Kafka, Spark, Apache Hadoop
  • Proficient knowledge of optimization, concurrency, scale-up vs scale-out
  • Streaming experience and some knowledge of bottleneck/queue theory is a plus

Education and Training

  •  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, MIS or related field or equivalent relevant experience

Communication and Cognitive Abilities

  • Ability to articulate ideas clearly, thoroughly, and respectfully, listen the same way, and do both across the organization chart without fear
  • Offer opinions and make decisions with limited information; ability to accept and manage risk and drive change
  • Ability to take abstract ideas, formulate an actionable strategy, and execute on time and on scope
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple, conflicting priorities
  • Fast-paced environment with short delivery times
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills required
  • Self-starter ability to drive projects forward with limited oversight
  • Mentor and build junior employees on the team or who want to

About Cardlytics

OURSTORY In 2008, Scott Grimes and Lynne Laube were bankers who understood the power of purchase data – if only it could be harnessed. With deep insight into the complex regulations that financial institutions face, they designed a bank- and privacy-friendly solution that would also serve as the foundation for marketing technology and analytics. In doing so, they linked two major industries: banking and marketing. And Cardlytics was born. Today, Cardlytics operates with a clear goal in mind: to make marketing more relevant and measurable with Purchase Intelligence.

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