Principal Software Engineer, Autolist

CarGurus, Austin, TX

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About Autolist

For most people, shopping for a vehicle is an experience we'd rather forget. Navigating a sea of endless options, spending hours, and the dealership and negotiating toe-to-toe with a dealer who does all this every day leaves automotive shoppers feeling exhausted and overwhelmed while hopeful, but not sure, they got a vehicle in good condition for a fair price.

Autolist is on a mission to rewire the automotive industry by making it easier for everyone to find and get a vehicle they love! We are creating an automotive shopping experience for every stage of the automotive life cycle - buying, selling, owning - and we're well on our way. As an independent brand and subsidiary of CarGurus (NASDAQ: CARG) we're a startup within the worldwide category leader in automotive shopping helping millions of monthly users via our award-winning apps and web shopping platforms. Our efforts to streamline the automotive shopping experience is supported by a strong passion to empower people with the knowledge and experience they need for everything automotive, a dedication to equity, inclusion, and belonging, and world-class benefits.

Role Overview

As a Principal Software Engineer, your responsibilities will include developing, maintaining, and managing our flagship web application, its performance, security, availability, and accessibility. You’ll collaborate with designers, other engineers, product managers, and analysts to execute on a broad range of projects. We value learning and you’ll get to spend a few hours a week on personal education. We believe that a diverse, inclusive, and compassionate environment leads to greater ideas and outcomes. Come join our creative team and help us build a better car buying experience for everyone.


  • Contribute to the technical direction and architectural vision of the Autolist Web
  • Build and maintain scalable, isomorphic web apps. (Our web app is built Next.js, React, and Redux, hosted on kubernetes)
  • Build internal tools to enhance the workflow of fellow web engineers.
  • Drive engineering projects to completion, with a focus on the business impact of those projects. Pragmatically prioritize tasks to deliver on goals with a sense of urgency.
  • Produce engineering solutions that are reliable, maintainable, and easy to change.
  • Work in close collaboration with cross-functional teams to plan and deliver on engineering projects.
  • Advance and promote software engineering best practices
  • Learn. We deeply value continuous education as a personal investment to better achieve individual and business goals.


  • Any of:
    • B.S. in Computer Science (M.S. preferred)
    • Participated in a software engineering accelerator program, then 5+ years of industry experience
    • 7 years of industry experience
  • Well-versed in any the following languages and technologies: Typescript, Javascript, React, Redux, Next.js
  • Empathetic and compassionate


  • Have worked in a pair-programming environment
  • An interest in exploring code design and architecture
  • Have used test-driven development (TDD) extensively
  • Experience building consumer facing applications
  • Experience of working with the auto industry
  • Practical experience of a range of agile development methodologies
  • Experience building metasearch products
  • Security chops (JWT, HMAC, CSP, cryptography)
  • Performance chops (CWV, CRP, PWA, LnP)
  • Android and/or iOS experience
  • M.S. or PhD in Computer Science or related field

Equal Opportunity Statement

Autolist is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that everyone should receive equal consideration and treatment. Recruitment, hiring, placements, transfers, and promotions will happen based on qualifications for the positions being filled regardless of sex, gender identity, race, religious creed, color, national origin ancestry, age, physical disability, pregnancy, mental disability, or medical condition.

Check out this link to learn more about our engineering team: https://www.autolist.com/engineering

About CarGurus

At CarGurus, we believe a transparent car shopping experience is better for shoppers and sellers alike, and we innovate constantly to deliver on that promise. Today more than 20 Million (and growing) unique monthly visitors use our site and our mobile app to find their next car. With headquarters in Cambridge, MA, CarGurus has that "start-up feel"​ (we dislike meetings, play lots of foosball, have catered lunches and fun company outings—the list goes on). Unlike many start-ups, however, we have the advantage of being profitable (since 2010!) with sustained revenue growth. CarGurus is an engineering-driven company with a passion for data, and that drives everything from the speed at which we launch new products to the spirit of innovation that drives our company’s culture.

Want to learn more about CarGurus? Visit CarGurus's website.