Senior Copywriter

Carrot Creative, Brooklyn, New York

Creative, technology, and distribution under one roof

Carrot is looking for standout copywriter who’s been waiting for the right opportunity. We have a stage and we need someone who can shine.

Someone with gravity. Who makes waves in a creative discussion whether it’s a brainstorm, a pitch or a conference call.  

Someone with an infectious, passionate spirit. Who knows how to excite people and get them to feel something.

Who is agile. Who will always be able to adapt to changing landscapes because of a passion for learning.

A true professional who understands the industry. Someone for whom a box is just a fun puzzle. Who’s excited to partner with some of the smartest clients out there.

A collaborator, but just as comfortable on solo missions.

A great teammate. Someone who can manage up, down and side to side. Whose leaders have confidence in them, whose juniors are inspired by them, and who strives to operate in harmony with their cross functional counterparts.

A WE person.

The ideal candidate should be able to understand a client’s business objectives and give strategic input to a brief. They should have impeccable writing craft that they can pass on to others. They should love being in the heart of the action and will be able to crank out quality work at high speed, but will also be interested in mentoring young writers. The candidate will help train others to distinguish tactics from ideas, designs from concepts, and reasons from rationale.

You also have experience working with, or a strong desire, in the beauty category. Content production experience, while maintaining a key eye for art direction and design is also important for this particular opening.

Beauty experience, fashion, personal care, or a similar category is a big plus!


  • 3-6 years agency experience within a copywriting role, preferably an agency environment. 

  • This role requires experiences, or a strong interest, in working with beauty clients
  • A keen eye for art direction, along with an understanding of production is strongly encouraged
  • A background in copywriting with comfort articulating visual direction.

  • Able to craft a deck. Willing to use Powerpoint or Keynote to get the job done.

  • A strong storyteller who knows how to sell an idea.

  • Can think in terms of big ideas - as well as the tactics that fall underneath it.

  • Experience with digital production processes.

  • Experience with video shoots.

  • Emotionally intelligent with management potential.

  • Has a diversified background and a variety of interests to draw inspiration from.

  • Beauty, Fashion, or Children’s Entertainment experience is a plus

About Carrot Creative

We ideate, design and build digital adventures for some of the world's most innovative brands (like American Express, Cartoon Network, Clinique, Ferrari, and The Yankees) from our headquarters in DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY). Our technical prowess has secured us strategic partnerships with some of the leading social networks including Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Snapchat. 

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