Video Editor

Carrot Creative, Brooklyn, NY

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The Video Editor’s primary responsibility will be selecting and assembling video and audio materials to build a strong narrative for produced branded content. This material may consist of pre-edited video clips, raw camera footage, graphics and sound. The video editor should be able to anticipate what directors and producers, and creatives want out of their work. The type of content edited will be short and long form. (Platforms -Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)

As the video editor, your primary responsibilities will technically lead all post production projects within the agency with the guidance of executive management and support of the production tea,. You will also be responsible for forming a streamlined process and workflow for all post production video content for clients and internal projects. The editor will have an immense wealth of knowledge when it comes to the technical side of video production i.e. how to use production equipment; produce large scale shoots and work within several editing programs such as but not limited to Final Cut X, Premiere Pro, and after effects.

  • Establish technical post-production workflows within studio, creative, design and animation departments
  • Will track progress and manage the delivery of all assets created and will follow up on outstanding deliverables, and organize and maintain duplicate copies and versioning of assets with the assistance of the Production Coordinator.
  • You will evaluate new IT products, production equipment, and postproduction equipment and supplies.
  • Will provide thoughtful advice and expertise on potential risks and issues in a wide range of asset management areas, including potential vendors, archival solutions and new technologies.
  • Establish best practice documents for video post production for the agency and roll out plans to each department
  • Establish specific post production grid delivery systems, social media guidelines and aspect ratio templates and cheat sheets that the team will follow when creating content
  • Provide extensive expertise in video, and editorial production
  • Liaise with and at times project manage the content, creative, and design teams on all video projects
  • Mentor and sometimes manage production assistants and junior post production staff


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required
  • Professional experience in a high volume, high production operations environment
  • Proficiency in Final cut X, Premiere Pro, Motion, After effects
  • Excellent English proficiency (written and oral)
  • At least 5 years of editing experience

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