Director/Head of Backend Engineering

Clarifai, New York, New York

Transforming the way we see the world

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels at visual recognition. We do not sell an abstract, futuristic technology - we sell a solution that people can use today to solve real-world problems. We believe that the same AI technology that gives big tech companies a competitive edge should be available to developers or businesses of any size or budget. That’s why we build products to make it easy, quick, and inexpensive for developers and businesses to innovate with AI, go to market faster, and build better user experiences. We make “teaching” AI just as accessible as we make using AI, which is why our technology is the most personalizable, unbiased, accurate solution in the market.

We have secured a $30M Series B round of funding and are backed by Menlo Ventures, Google Ventures, USV, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Osage, Lux Capital, LDV Capital, and Corazon Capital.  To continue to succeed, we need people like you to join the team here in NYC!

Clarifai is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a diverse workforce.


You are the person that leads our backend engineering layer.
You collaborate on strategy with engineering leadership and contribute your hands-on coding skills to join individual contributors in working on engineering design and complex coding challenges as we scale to 1 billion API operations per month.
You love identifying your layers' strengths, bringing people together to push awesome products to the public and put artificial intelligence in the hands of everyone.


In your first month, you will start off by learning the ropes. You will:
  • Coordinate prioritization and execution of projects with the product team, so that we can deploy new products and features on time.
  • Build relationships with engineers on your layer by holding regular 1 on 1's, handling their performance evaluations, and organizing their team offsites. We value conversations about career growth, learning, and development.
  • Continue to cultivate a collaborative engineering culture and actively encourage multi-functional collaboration with non-technical layers.
3 months later, start putting yourself out there. You will:
  • Work with the VP of Engineering to execute an engineering strategy motivated by the company vision and mission.
  • Drive consistency of our API across v2 and the mobile SDK by working with infrastructure and backend with multiple layers and outputs.
  • Present engineering progress and updates during weekly impact meetings with leads from each layer.
6 months down the road, you will:
  • Help the frontend, mobile, and applied machine learning engineering layers learn how to develop successfully with our backend services.
  • Collaborate with Talent Acquisition to build a hiring plan for growing the layer in accordance with the roadmap.
In 12 months, you will:
  • Craft a plan for how the layer will evolve as we expand our artificial intelligence offerings. We want you to bring your expertise to the table on our way to becoming a billion dollar company.


As Clarifai’s Director of Backend Engineering, you will empower our engineers to embrace our mission, to understand every image and video and beyond to improve life.
You encourage our engineers to engage others within our company, but also within the wider tech community. We believe in teaching others about how they can use our AI technology.

About Clarifai

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company that excels in visual recognition, solving real-world problems for businesses and developers alike. Founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, a foremost expert in machine learning, Clarifai has been a market leader since winning the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition. Clarifai’s powerful image and video recognition technology is built on the most advanced machine learning systems and made easily accessible by a clean API, empowering developers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.

Want to learn more about Clarifai? Visit Clarifai's website.