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About the Department

The Cloudflare Customer Support Team solves complicated problems and answers technical questions via phone, email, chat and social media. Whether it is a Wordpress blogger using our services for free or a global Enterprise business with petabytes of web traffic, we are always eager to assist. We are the eyes and ears of Cloudflare, acting as the real-time voice of the customer to help communicate their needs and real-world use cases back to the rest of the company - for better service and future product development.


The Security Operations Support Manager supervises the technical activity of the Security Operations Support team. They will manage the escalation process and review incident and threat reports; develop and execute internal and external communication plans. They will measure team performance metrics and communicate the value of Security Operations to business leaders. They will recommend how to optimize security monitoring tools and techniques.

The Security Operations Support Team provides premium-level support for Cloudflare’s security products and features. Our largest and most technically sophisticated customers will contact Support for assistance and intelligence in dealing with threats or attacks on their infrastructure at OSI Layers 3, 4, and 7. This will span the range of Cloudflare security products from Magic Transit Infrastructure Protection, DDoS mitigation and Network Firewall, to using the Web Application firewall (WAF), Spectrum, Bot Management and Rate Limiting to help customers.

Security Operations Support Manager will help Engineers analyze threats, make detailed and informed suggestions for mitigation and may need to implement mitigation strategies directly on behalf of the customer. They will also provide attack reporting beyond Cloudflare’s self-service reports.


  • Monitor and react to alerts to identify attacks
  • Work with Engineering and Operations teams to mitigate attacks, suggest steps to mitigate, and apply the appropriate mitigation, when applicable
  • Work with Engineering and Product teams to improve the products and tools
  • Communicate with customers via chat, email, and phone 
  • Review the latest alerts to determine relevancy and urgency. Create new tracking tickets for alerts that signal an incident and require review or escalation. 
  • Manage and configure security monitoring tools.
  • Compare traffic signatures and attributes including IP addresses, cookie variations, HTTP headers, and JavaScript footprints to determine what is good traffic and what is malicious.
  • DDoS mitigation for OSI layers 3,4, & 7: filter malicious traffic using Cloudflare tools like Magic Transit, Network Firewall, WAF, IP reputation lists, packet inspection, blacklisting, whitelisting, and/or rate limiting.

Key skill sets

  • Strong leadership skills and experience in a Security environment
  • Modern internet protocols like UDP, TCP, etc.
  • Advanced understanding of iptables 
  • Knowledge of Cloudflare Security Products & Features
  • Technical Support experience
  • Great communication skills with high-value VIP customers under attack
  • Computer Networking fundamentals 
  • Command line / Bash shell
  • Sysadmin skills (Linux/Mac/Windows) & Programming skills (Python, Ruby, PHP, C, C#, Java, Perl, etc.)
  • Security skills and certifications: CISSP, GCIA GCIH, GCFA, GCFE, etc.
  • Data analysis
  • PCAP analysis
  • Calm under pressure


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