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Do work that matters

We are a team of highly skilled developers, designers and product managers working together with values-aligned businesses to create products that make a difference in the world. We work with businesses impacting climate change, refugees, front line Covid19 workers, mental health, clean energy, biodiversity or getting more electrical vehicles on our roads. We don’t just work with these businesses, we also back a number of them through our ventures arm and have even started one ourselves (Chargefox).


Impact and Growth

Now it’s not all saving the world and start-ups, we also work with a select number of scaling tech companies doing really exciting things with technology that impacts users on a global scale. These projects allow a whole range of different learning and development opportunities for our people and the chance to move around as they want to. Some people like variety, so they move around between shorter-term projects, others prefer to spend longer with a client and really see their work make an impact over 12 months.


Values first

We are a values-led business. And sure, everyone says that, but once you get to know us, you'll see we're not kidding around. We allow people to have a say in what projects they work on and for how long. Through our transparent salary model, our salaries and finances are all open to people working at Cogent, so people get paid according to their skills, impact and experience and not their ability to negotiate, their gender, or relationship to the CEO. We divide our profits between our people and invest some back into the businesses we believe in. 


Not your normal consultancy

We know that consultancies have a bit of a reputation – one of 'body-shopping', of over-work, of competitiveness, and solving surface-level problems. Our reputation ensures that our clients come to us seeking an outcome, not an output. This means that strategic influence and collaboration with cross-functional teams is the default. Our focus on the wellbeing of our staff means that work finishes at a normal time, regularly, because being switched on for work is as important to us as switching off properly. We pride ourselves on creating safe and inclusive environments for our people and our clients teams. 


Quiet achievers 

We don’t spend a bundle on advertising. We let our work speak for itself and our reputation opens the doors. We work with businesses like Afterpay, Square, REA, Culture Amp, Zendesk, Xero and have been around for 15+ years. 


Working as a consultant gives you a fast track of learning across multiple environments, products, domains and teams and the soft skills to step into wider leadership roles if that's what you want to do. Some of our people have gone on to be Head of Engineering - Cash App, GM - REA, COO and Head of Engineering- Rateit, Engineering Manager - Envato. If you want to deepen your technical skills, there's a track for that, too. As with most things at Cogent, you're empowered and supported to choose and remain in control.


Our Technical Principals

Cogent’s reputation is built on the quality of our people. That means having a diverse group of Tech Principals who combine plenty of experience with alignment to our values, humility and a desire to improve and help others is critical to our continued success.


What you’ll do day to day

Cogent is a special and unique place to work and we expect you to have your own unique strengths and interests. We don’t expect you to excel at all of these things but we hope most of them sound exciting and rewarding:


  • Be a leader in the context of building products for our customers. That might be leading by example as a great practitioner or building and leading great teams where people feel safe, included and can perform to their potential.

  • Impact how Cogent evolves as a great place to work. Having expert practitioners manage Cogent is another thing that sets us apart. You’ll help us make sure the environment we create gets the best from our people.

  • Help new and existing customers understand what they need and how we can help them. We don’t have sales people or targets, so you can establish an authentic connection with customers.

  • Coaching and mentoring your teammates, particularly new and emerging leaders who will benefit from your experience. Growing our people is a priority; you get to be a beneficiary and contributor to that.

  • Help define and grow capability that will keep Cogent at the forefront of our practice. We need to balance diversity in the technologies we can apply with the depth in practice that we’re known for. Cogent’s Tech Principals are central to this.

  • Shape Cogent’s service offerings to ensure the way we work with our customers is well-suited to their growth phase and technology or product maturity.


Still not sure if it’s for you? You’re welcome to have a chat with one of our engineers to pick their brains on what it’s really like day to day. They’re a happy and engaged bunch but we ask them to be balanced.


The tech industry is a small place globally and we aim to be warm and friendly citizens in it. Getting to know you would be nice, whatever the outcome.

The numbers:

  • We offer a market competitive salary (~$200k - $220k package) plus profit-share bonuses
  • Included is a yearly budget of $3,000 + 5 professional development days to help sharpen your skills and learn new things (conferences, coaching, courses, travel)
  • Also $500 on us annually to purchase learning materials like books or subscriptions


Our interview process:

  • We have a number of stages to our process all carefully designed to best understand where you would fit within our teams
  • We give detailed feedback at any stage of our process should you not progress
  • Our interviews are designed to see the best in people, not to fail or find faults
  • We understand that you have a life, and a job, and maybe some kids (or pets) too, so we do our best to work around your timing and can take as much or as little time as you need
  • You will get regular comms to let you know what stage you are in, what’s to come, and what to expect in each of the interviews and who you will be meeting with


If you think that we sound like a great place to work and you fit the bill, then please get in touch and send through your details. Just going to leave you with this quote for now


“It is very difficult to have a meaningful life, without meaningful work” - Jim Collins

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We work with novel digital businesses to turn great ideas into remarkable software. Whether that's building a product from scratch or taking an existing product to new heights, we work collaboratively to define and execute the best approach, then action it. We're growing fast and are always looking for top people to join the Cogent team. To find out more about careers with Cogent, visit cogent.co/careers


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