Engineering Manager, Data Infrastructure

Coursera, Mountain View, CA

Education-focused technology company

Coursera is scaling a global platform to provide universal access to the world’s best education, and we’re driven by the passion and mission to let people learn without limits.

The Analytics organization at Coursera is focused on leveraging data to improve our product and business, and to examine pedagogy itself. To realize these goals, the Analytics engineering team (within the broader Analytics organization) has invested in the development of key infrastructure, tools, and products, including a Redshift-based data warehousing and ETL framework, an in-house A/B experimentation platform, an internal portal for reporting and data analysis, libraries for instrumenting our website and mobile apps, and data-powered products.

We are searching for an engineering manager to grow and lead a team of engineers dedicated to empowering the business through data. This means continued investment in the above areas, but it also means evolving the charter of the team to keep pace with the needs of our analysts, our product team, and our business. The ideal candidate will have deep hands-on experience with setting up and scaling data infrastructure, and a strong track record of recruiting and developing amazing engineering teams.

Your responsibilities

  • Hire and train a high-performing team of backend and full-stack software engineers
  • Mentor and guide the professional and technical development of team members
  • Work with key stakeholders to build the Analytics engineering roadmap
  • Prioritize and manage mission-critical cross-functional projects
  • Advise on code quality, high-level architecture, build vs. buy decisions, new technologies

Your skills

  • 5+ years in data infrastructure or related engineering field with 2+ years in management
  • Leadership: integrity, transparency, inspiration
  • Emotional intelligence: empathy, humility, patience, communication skills
  • Technical ability: coding skills, architectural design patterns for scalable systems
  • Problem solving: creativity, analytical rigor, intelligence
  • Excellence in ambiguous and complex situations: clarity of vision, boldness, grit

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