Senior Software Engineer, Platform Services

Coursera, Mountain View, CA

Education-focused technology company

Coursera’s mission is to transform lives by providing access to the world's best education.

Coursera is looking for an experienced payments engineer to lend their technical expertise and leadership to our team. As a member of the Platform Services team, you’ll be primarily focused on architecting our payments backend and building out new features and integrations to support new paid products, revenue recognition, revenue share, product fulfillment and reporting. As a member of the greater Infrastructure team, you’ll have the opportunity to gain experience working across all aspects of the backend stack, including core services, operations, monitoring, deployment, internal tools and more. Best yet, you’ll get the opportunity to do all this in the context of an amazing, mission-driven company working in the unique and challenging space of online education.

• Do unfulfilled transactions keep you up at night? How about decline rates?
• Would you not rest until you’ve determined where that one cent disappeared to?
• Do you enjoy keeping abreast in the current state of local payment methods?
• Do you wake up in the morning itching to design complex systems that power new business models?
• Would you like to employ your technical chops in helping transform the lives of millions of learners around the world?

If so, we would love to chat!

Things we’ve recently built
• A subscriptions product allowing learners access course content bundles
• Product support and tooling for Apple In-app Purchases
• A complete rewrite of our pricing + promotion engine, greatly improving modularity and extensibility
• A migration of our legacy Python payments processing system to a shiny new, service-oriented backend
• A relentless engineering effort to eliminate errors and reduce latency in our payments processing services

Things we’re working on
• A brand new vouchers system to support multiple, highly visible product initiatives
• An expansion into new markets, such as India and Latin America
• A complete overhaul of our financial reporting backend
• Support for an enterprise product that will allow employers to pay for their employees to better their skills
• Major iterations on our subscriptions product, including an overhaul of our revenue sharing model

Your Skills

  • 4+ years experience building consumer e-commerce or payments platforms at scale
  • Solid understanding of all aspects of online payment processing: interacting with financial systems, product and promotion pricing, product fulfillment, event tracking to feed into reporting systems
  • Deep knowledge of at least one statically-typed server-side programming language e.g. Java, Scala, C++, etc.
  • Experience working in a service-oriented (or microservice) architecture. We use common tools and frameworks such as Cassandra, Solr, Kafka, ZooKeeper and the Play Framework
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment; we deploy numerous times each day!
  • Solid understanding of SQL databases and database transactions
  • Bonus: Familiarity working in a cloud-based environment; we happen to run on AWS
  • Bonus: Comfortable working across the full stack; we build single-page Javascript applications using React.js

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