Senior UX Designer

Cratejoy, Austin, TX

The best subscriptions in the world, all in one place.

Cratejoy is hiring an experienced UX designer to work with our Marketplace team to help grow our consumer marketplace on Cratejoy.com. You’ll work directly with the product, marketing and engineering teams at Cratejoy to help us set a new standard for customer experience on our marketplace. You’ll also work with the leadership team to help deliver against our long term strategic roadmap and test out new ideas or concepts.

To succeed in this role you must have a strong sense of design for online shopping, especially for mobile e-commerce. You’re going to need to be able to think about the overall direction of our user experience while also interpreting the raw data to make granular improvements in the customer experience over time. You will have a lot of autonomy in the direction of the UX, but you’ll need to be able to be largely self directed. You must be a passionate advocate for the customer, always looking to invent and simplify - but also dive deep into the technical and experience details to ensure we’re making the right decisions every day. You need to be able to think big enough to build solutions that’ll satisfy the needs of almost a million shoppers each month across the planet.


  • Use data to drive a continuous improvement process of the consumer user experience on Cratejoy.com
  • Design and optimize high quality conversion funnels and on-boarding both for merchants and consumers
  • Helping design, implement and interpret A/B tests to improve sales on Cratejoy.com
  • Quickly iterate on user experience changes with user testing 
  • Own our design system by managing and growing Crate UI - our design language
  • Own the actual work product upon implementation by working closely with product and engineering

Basic Qualifications

  • 5-10 years of experience as a user experience designer, interaction designer, user interface designer or similar role
  • Self-starter that can work without close management
  • A portfolio or work samples demonstrating experience creating great user-centered design solutions
  • Relentless desire for innovation, balanced with business needs, and customer expectations
  • Experience working in a collaborative team and working directly with developers for implementation of designs
  • Experience working directly with product and growth teams to develop experiences that deliver on growth strategy

Skills and Experience

  • Mobile first design approach
  • Experience with Sketch is highly desired but not strictly necessary (we also use Zeplin, Invision and Abstract)
  • Knowledge of prototyping software such as Principle is a plus
  • Experience working with both a consumer and a business audience
  • Experience  developing and iterating on A/B tests to drive growth
  • E-commerce experience is a plus
Our Mission

Cratejoy is the world’s only subscription box marketplace. Cratejoy’s mission is to change lives by connecting people through their shared passions.  We help passionate founders start amazing new sustainable businesses to bring their passions to a wider audience. We connect these amazing entrepreneurs with regular people all over the world who share their passions.  

Whether you’re passionate about teaching your children STEM skills, investing in your own health and fitness, discovery amazing new foods or finding your next favorite book - Cratejoy has got a subscription box for you. Over a million people each month receive shipments from over 2,000 subscription boxes across 92 categories listed on Cratejoy.com

The Company

Cratejoy was founded in 2013, and launched to the public in 2014. Cratejoy was a participant in the Y Combinator Summer 2013 batch as well as the Capital Factory in Austin, TX.  We have raised about $10M in financing from some of the best investors in the world such as Y Combinator, Charles River Ventures, A Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and more. Our last round was raised in 2015 and we are now a profitable company growing quickly and sustainably. 

Our Team

Cratejoy is a team of about 25 people located in downtown Austin, TX. We also have several full time remote team members located around the world. Our philosophy around hiring is to grow the core team slowly and focus on adding highly engaged and passionate team members more than just adding bodies.  While skillset is obviously a large priority, we place a higher emphasis on culture fit and attitude than just experience. We invest in the growth of individuals and are willing to bet on someone who is passionate & learning quickly but has a little less experience. Here’s how we think about people we want to work with:

Learning: Curiosity

We value people who are always improving their own skillset pro-actively. They are learning more about all of the parts of Cratejoy and how they work, and they are also improving their skills outside of work. 

Ownership: Determined, hard working & scrappy

We want to work with people who take complete ownership of Cratejoy’s success. They act on behalf of their entire company, frequently beyond just their own team - and they will never be caught saying “that’s not my job.” They will go above and beyond in order to ensure success, and once they believe something is the right thing to do for the company they will push through obstacles, boundaries between jobs and even departments to get the results Cratejoy needs. If something is important and they don’t see it getting handled they will do whatever it takes to make sure it is done. They are very focused on achieving the desired result, not just doing a lot of work, and can speak about how it impacted the success of their team, the customer or the company as a whole.

Team player: Positive & Self-less

We want to work with people who are rewarding to work with - team players. Team players are aware of the effect they have on those around them. Even if they disagree with a particular decision once it has been made they embrace the path and work hard and positively to succeed. When things go wrong these people tend to reduce the anxiety of those around them with their optimistic and self-less attitude. They prioritize the common good over their own individual desires on a regular basis, and will stay calm even when others are getting agitated.

Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness, Empathy & Humility

We want to work with people who are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses - and aren’t over-invested in their own ego. We want those around us to be willing to admit when they are wrong and genuinely desire to learn and improve. We believe that empathy helps us understand our customers, our selves and each other - and it helps us make both a better work environment and a better company.

About Cratejoy

Fun, convenient, reliable. Subscriptions are the best way to shop, period. Cratejoy offers subscriptions for every type of lifestyle. No matter your interests, experts and enthusiasts will create and curate the absolute best products for your subscription box - and then send it right to your door every single month. Your mailman’s going to be your new best friend.


Want to learn more about Cratejoy? Visit Cratejoy's website.