Part-Time Entrepreneur: Launcher

Dahmakan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Want to be an entrepreneur but lack the experience? Become a Part-Time Entrepreneur in Residence and be part of our pioneering Launch team!

We are looking for rockstar Launchers to help expand our operations across Klang-Valley.


The PTE Program is designed for the smartest and most ambitious students. You will become a member of a Y Combinator backed team with the same responsibilities and expectations as any full time team member. You will quickly learn how to swim and learn within weeks what others learn in years.

In order to master the steep learning curve and keep up with the pace, you will have to step out of your comfort zone, work hard and stretch every skill that you have. This experience will equip you with the necessary skills to launch your own startup afterwards.

You are:

  • Ambitious and hungry: 
    • you are either a top student from a top university with high GPA and won awards/scholarships OR
    • you have run your own startup or entrepreneurial projects OR
    • you are the captain of a winning sports team/ president of an organisation or similar evidence or ambition and success
  • Resilient and adaptable to fast pace
  • Good organizational and prioritization skills
  • Resourceful in overcoming obstacles and rejection
  • Naturally curious and thirsty to learn

What you will gain:

  • Gain real world experiences to equip you with future work opportunities and to even start your own business!
  • Work in a Y Combinator backed startup and learn from top talents (ex-Uber, BCG, Rocket, Lazada and more)
  • Exposure to a very international working environment, a total of 16 nationalities from 5 continents work together here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Work alongside peers from top university's global young entrepreneurs who have run their own startups
  • We empower you and expect from you to have significant impact. 
  • Full time offers will be made to top performers of every PTE batch who wants to join our team in the longterm
  • Free lunch and dinner will be provided (worth up to RM1000/month)

About Dahmakan

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