Data Science Online Project Instructor (Part-Time, Contract)

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*Please note that this is a part-time, contract position.

The days of learning data science by passively consuming video lectures are over. Real learning takes place when a student’s hands are on the keyboard, writing code, working with data, and solving problems. If you agree, keep reading!


DataCamp is building the future of data science education. Our students get real hands-on experience by completing self-paced, interactive data science courses as well as real world projects in Jupyter Notebooks from the best instructors in the world, right in the browser. In fact, millions of students around the world have completed over 90 million DataCamp exercises to date!  All DataCamp content is in English and caters to a global learner population.

Where courses teach learners new data science skills and practice mode helps them sharpen them, completing projects gives our learners hands-on experience solving real-world problems. Anyone with a passion for data science and storytelling can be a project instructor. If that sounds like you, apply below to join the ranks of our amazing instructors!

More information:

Scale your impact to a global audience

Share your knowledge with over 2,770,000 data scientists around the world.

Build your data science brand

Associate your name with the things you teach and cool stuff you’ve built.

Supplement or replace your income

Projects instructors can earn several thousand dollars a year in royalties.

Use data to improve your teaching

Learn from data on how thousands of students engage with your content.

Apply to become a DataCamp project instructor today!

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