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Duration: Full-Time

At Datalogue, we believe that the need to turn data into insights is changing enterprises from the ground up. Companies will need to become excellent at managing their data operations. As a result new roles will be created and new metrics measured. We serve companies that are committed to shifting the majority of their decisions from the speculative to the data driven realm, achieving better, more measurable, and more responsive decisions as they do.

We enable these companies through a product with great user experience that brings automation to data processing and ETL
to help them get high quality, usable data quickly and reliably in the enterprise.

Datalogue's products combine frontend technologies, machine learning and distributed computing to allow users to seamlessly process billions of data points per day. We need someone who's undaunted by hard problems and loves creating foundational technologies.

Does packaging complex technology in easy to use products feel like something you can do? Does working on distributed computing problems that help companies process insane amounts of data per day sound interesting? Does weaving sophisticated machine learning into products that delight users feel like a challenge you'd like to take on? If the answer to any of these is yes, you probably want to read on.

What you will do

  • Use frontend technologies, including Vue, Vuex and Typescript to build modern dynamic applications.
  • Use Scala to work on APIs, compilers and data abstraction.
  • Use Python to develop our SDK, CLI or our machine learning toolkit.
  • Gain experience with micro-services and containerization. Our stack runs within Docker on the top of Kubernetes.
  • Work on a distributed system that processes Terabytes of data and uses GPUs
  • Develop user and performance acceptance tests to drive product quality
  • Mentor others on the team to help them grow as engineers across multiple parts of the stack
  • We have a growing team and opportunities to grow as a Tech Lead / Engineering Manager if you so choose

We'd love to hear from you if

  • You are an Engineer that is passionate about learning new concepts, techniques and you learn fast.
  • You have about 3-5 years of experience working as en engineer.
  • You like being out of your comfort zone
  • You love solving hard problems with critical thinking
  • You are pragmatic when it comes to finding solutions to a given problem
  • You are excited to share lessons learned and different engineering approaches acquired through your experience
  • You welcome constraints as a road to creativity
  • You have dabbled with functional programming
  • You embrace a dynamic and evolving startup environment
  • You're able to seamlessly engage in deeply technical discussions
  • You are confident and able to communicate your point of view clearly
  • You value respect of others, trust your team, seek feedback, seek new perspectives, and remain professional 
Datalogue is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

About Datalogue

You’re on your own for death & taxes, but we’ve got you covered on data preparation. Datalogue’s AI powered pipelines automatically prepare any data from any source or any format, for immediate, compliant use.


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