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A pioneer in Data Privacy & Security
Dathena is a Singaporean and Swiss-based company which focuses on developing data governance software, helping organizations to automatically identify PIIs, promoting GDPR compliance, classify data, detect security anomalies, and protect sensitive information with the help of AI (NLP, ML, Deep Learning).Digital business requires a new view on security and privacy, one that is driven by the level of risk appetite and enablement of business and technology strategy. 

Hear out from our very own DP Engineers to understand more about the role!

What does a Data Protection Engineer do at Dathena?

A Data Protection Engineer deploys our software for customers and are responsible for providing clients with the guidance and support needed throughout the full lifecycle of our solution’s implementation ensuring the successful and most effective use of Dathena’s products.

What do your day-to-day responsibilities look like?

Simon Delay, based in Geneva: " In my day-to-day, most of my clients require my on-site presence to support and advise on how our product helps in solving their data security challenges. Therefore, my weeks are usually well scheduled every Monday, for on-site visits. Each visit lasts half a day so I can usually cover at least 2 clients per day. I also try and dedicate 2 half-days a week in the office so that I can socialize and grab lunch with my colleagues! I truly enjoy the fact that I have the freedom to change the norm of a typical working environment every day, shuffling between customer offices and our own office which offers me a new environment with new colleagues almost everyday. It's a great way to expand my network and avoid a fixed routine. You never get bored!"

Remi Dupont, based in France: "As a Data Protection Engineer in Dathena, every day is unique and challenging. The scope of work is as big as your imagination can be. Despite the fact that I'm a technical “IT guy” who deploys a cutting-edge technology-based software, this work is also very social based. It’s very meaningful to help clients know better the data they have, and the satisfaction they show about our value-add is very rewarding. Every client’s infrastructure is different, so from a technical perspective it’s always new. Especially in System Administration, there is always something to learn.
Sometimes, we deliver on premise, so we have to travel worldwide which is great and sometimes we deliver remotely. In every case, the cultural differences are also very interesting to understand and adapt to. It really allows me to grow not only professionally but personally as well."

What are some examples of skills that are important for this role?

As a technical role, IT technical skills are obviously a must-have ! But unlike other common engineer roles, your skills are 'horizontal' rather than 'vertical', in other words generic rather than specific. Even though IT system administration skills are needed, you also deal a lot with databases, computer networking, machine learning, software frontend, software backend, cloud and uncloud solutions etc. You basically become a Swiss-knife, knowing how every part of the solution interact with each other.
On the top of that, it is important to possess interpersonal skills. As the company's representative you need to create a bond with the customer by listening, understanding and helping to overcome their challenges. As the time and role evolves, you may become a trusted advisor to them so that your collaboration endures.

Below are some specific requirements for reference:

- 4+ years of experience in System Administrator, System Engineer, Consultant or DevOps
- Comfortable using Linux and command line
- Good knowledge of Linux based OS (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, ...)
- Good knowledge of networking (ip, routes, bonding, lacp, ...)
- Deployed databases and software stacks (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, ...)
- Scripting and programming skills: Bash, Python
- Appreciated knowledge with firewall, routers, and switches (HPE/Aruba, Cisco, Juniper, ...)
- Appreciated knowledge in using query languages such as SQL
- Good to have: Focus on cloud/uncloud deployment experience e.g. AWS certification e.g.  

What do you like most about your role?

Simon: "I really enjoy interacting with customers on a daily basis, I feel like having a direct add-value to the project. What I also really enjoy, in addition to the external interaction with clients, is the internal collaboration with the AI team, engineering team and product team to know where the product is evolving so we can advise our customer accordingly. Moreover, this role is a perfect way to develop both technical and interpersonal skills at once"

Remi: "Internally, our work environment is amazing! Working with such talented and nice people through an AI technology is a real privilege. The feedback from the field is always welcomed and we work closely with developers to improve the product. It’s amazing to feel like you participate actively to enhance the software."

What does Dathena offer?
Dathena offers a young and dynamic environment where you are recognized for your hard work, and where individual egos don't exist. 'Team work' is the motto here. Despite being a small company, we possess a highly multicultural environment, bringing a lot of unique working styles to the table.
For this specific role, we will also provide cloud and data protection training, making you a true subject expert matter within the data protection realm.

Please note this role can be based out of anywhere in SEA and may require 25% of travel.

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About Dathena

The company's founder created Dathena because he was not able to find an existing solution that would fit the needs of the top Tier 1 Bank he worked for. Dathena is the first and only data governance platform developed by real users for real users. Our platform was built with state-of-the-art technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.


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