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We improve patient lives by unlocking the tissue phenome In oncology, therapeutic strategies have shifted from a direct assault on cancer cells to recruiting the immune system for that purpose. Our mission is to accelerate breakthroughs for this approach by helping scientists leverage Tissue Phenomics to deepen understanding of disease biology and immune system mechanisms, to bring multi-omics data into a cancer-relevant context, and to facilitate the translation of new insights into novel therapies and treatment strategies. Our vision is to create unique patient profiles for an individualized standard of care, where patients experience fewer side effects and live longer. Discover more. We offer a powerful quantification system to transform tissue image data into insights, paired with unique data-mining methods that open new opportunities for biomarker discovery. Integrate all. Our work is the essential link to integrate all ‘omics data with clinical outcomes. We bridge molecular events and phenotypic effects to create validated tissue signatures that match patients and therapies. Rely on us. From the seed of an idea to its launch as a product, we support every step with meaningful knowledge and powerful tools that advance drug or diagnostic development and their transfer to the clinic. How we partner Our work model builds on a simple premise: Tissue Phenomics strengthens results, from biomarker discovery to clinical development and meaningful diagnostics. We bring Tissue Phenomics to you, seamlessly integrate into your processes, and act as your reliable, science-driven partner along the way. Our history Taking a ground-breaking technology that dramatically improves the information that can be extracted from histological images, Nobel Laureate Dr. Gerd Binnig founded Definiens in 1994. The goal? To create new opportunities for discovery and advances in oncology and immuno-oncology. Since then, Definiens technology has been used in thousands of projects, yielding results that have accelerated drug development and produced over 650 peer-reviewed publications. In 2013, Frost and Sullivan recognized Definiens as Company of the Year for Global Tissue Diagnostics and Pathology Imaging. Definiens is now an international company with over 100 employees worldwide, and headquartered in Munich, Germany and Cambridge, USA.

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