Open sollicitatie stage

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Open sollicitatie stage

Heb je tussen de huidige stagevacatures geen passende stage gevonden? Expand Online is een groeiende organisatie en altijd in beweging. Misschien is er binnenkort wel een passende stage beschikbaar binnen een van de teams in Amsterdam.

Mocht je interesse hebben, geef dan duidelijk aan op welk vakgebied jij stage wilt lopen en waarom jij hiervoor de ideale kandidaat bent!

We zijn namelijk altijd op zoek naar ambitieuze, gemotiveerde en innovatieve studenten die van een uitdaging houden.  

Stuur ons je gegevens en een korte motivatie via de link en vergeet niet te vermelden in welke periode en hoe lang je stage wil lopen.

About Dept

Hello, we are Dept — an international network of leading digital agencies. From our offices across Europe and the US, 500 of the most talented and experienced people in our industry combine creativity, technology and data to deliver digital products and services that build brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives easier. We are a family of specialist agencies that combine international scale with the agility and knowledge of local specialists. Each agency is a leader in its own field, with its own team and personality. Together we share the same DNA and work in seamless, multi-disciplinary client teams. With a creative heart and a data-driven mind, our teams offer our clients whatever their digital business requires: innovative ideas that transform businesses; timeless digital platforms; game-changing use of data; operational support for global teams, and campaigns that people won’t stop talking about. If it has anything to do with digital, we make it happen. The digital pros that fill our workspaces get their pleasure from creating award-winning magic on both the small screens and the big ones. They feel at home in boardrooms, design experiences that make people smile, and write code as though it’s their native language. We don’t like fear or laziness; if everything seems under control, we’re not going fast enough. So here’s to tomorrow — we’re ready for it.

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