Lead Product Manager

Descartes Labs, Santa Fe, NM

A data refinery, built to understand our planet

The Descartes Labs Data Refinery is a data management platform and modeling engine designed for geospatial, sensor, and time series data.  The Data Refinery combines an archive of satellite, weather, and other sensor data with each customer’s own catalog of proprietary data to provide an ideal environment for analytics and modeling.  This provides a living asset of analytics-ready data alongside tools for compute scalability and visualization. Firms ranging from commodities producers, to insurance, to supply chain heavy industries, benefit from data discoverability, rapid prototyping, and the creation and deployment of full predictive models. 

Key Benefits of the Descartes Labs Data Refinery
- Exquisite data sets : Access to Descartes Labs’ curated collection of satellite, weather, and sensor data
- Data democratization : Pre-process and collect all analytics relevant data in a single catalog with the appropriate permissions and access control
- Limitless ingest, compute, storage : The industries most scalable solution for very large data sets and extremely compute-intensive models 
- Rapid model development and deployment : One platform that combines solutions for data preparation, accessibility, and compute means that your team can develop more models faster
- Geospatial : Data structures and processing pipelines designed for large raster and vector geospatial data sets make the Descartes Labs Data Refinery exceptionally well suited for companies and problems linked to the physical word. 

The Product Manager Lead position is responsible for product planning and execution throughout the product and software development lifecycle. The individual we seek for this role will have the right combination of leadership skills, technology background, business acumen, data analysis, and proven product management expertise. The Product Manager Lead will work across multiple streams of features to provide guidance and direction to assure the success of the product. This is a hands-on role, one that requires daily work with product, in addition to strategy and high-level oversights.


  • Define and manage the platform product strategy and roadmap
  • This is a player + coach role; you will contribute in a hands-on fashion but also directly oversee the platform product management team, mentor your team, and act as the product management leader for the company 
  • Become an expert in the Descartes Labs Data Refinery, our customers, and the problems they use our platform and data sets to address
  • Work with our solutions and analytics team to support (by prioritizing the correct platform requirements) the development of new data sets, analytical products, and bespoke customer models
  • Be customer driven; work with customers, sales and customer delivery teams, science, and engineering to capture product requirements and feedback
  • Create product requirements and functional artifacts as needed (use cases, user stories, design documents) to drive product development
  • Vet and build support for the product roadmaps with customers, teams across Descartes Labs, and leadership
  • Work directly with customers and our customer-facing delivery teams to ensure customer delight and identify/eliminate barriers to platform adoption
  • Define key metrics for measuring product success

Required Skills & Experience

  • Minimum 8 years of software product management or technical product management experience required
  • You must have defined, managed, and launched successful software products or releases.
  • Strong technical background, with experience in software development projects
  • Exceptional communication skills and the ability to influence and build support among cross-functional teams without formal authority
  • High attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple, highly dynamic projects at one time
  • Machine learning or statistical learning experience.

Desired/Bonus Experience

  • Geospatial
  • Deep Learning experience
  • MDM/Data Management
  • Past product management experience in AI, data science, cloud computing
  • Supporting commodities or insurance companies and use cases with technology products (e.g., Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Shipping, Climate/Environmental/Sustainability, Mining)

About Descartes Labs

Data will be the great enabler of new technologies, new products, and new businesses of our generation. Descartes Labs is building a data-refinery on a cloud-based supercomputer for the application of machine intelligence to massive data sets. By teaching computers to see, we create the infrastructure and services needed to model — and predict changes in — resources and the entire value chains in which they live. We enable businesses to better apply insights from data - both their own and external sources - across sectors ranging from energy and agriculture to large scale industrial and government. Our mission is to better understand the planet, for good and for profit, so our team of applied scientists also does impact science work around natural disasters, the spread of disease, and food security. Today, Descartes Labs is using its data refinery for satellite imagery. We currently process images from the major NASA and ESA satellite constellations at scale, creating a digital data twin of the entire planet that monitors the whole earth, in near real-time. We are headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and have offices in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Descartes Labs

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