Autonomous Driving Intern – Perception

DiDi Labs, Mountain View

DiDi Labs is working to solve the world’s most challenging problems.

We are currently looking for 2020 summer interns to join our Mountain View office to develop algorithms and pipelines for DiDi projects in intelligent driving technologies. The goal is to apply the state of the art AI algorithms on cars to make driving smarter and safer.

As an intern, you’ll work with leaders in the industry, develop complex algorithm with access to millions of real driving data and deliver impact to our large fleet of real vehicles. You can expand your skill set in many areas, including:

  • object detection, segmentation and classification on LIDARs, cameras, and radars
  • sensor fusion and tracking
  • scene understanding and activity recognition
  • localization


  • Develop and deploy perception algorithms in self-driving vehicles.
  • Survey and research for state of the art algorithms in computer vision, machine learning, and robotics.
  • Evaluate and continuously improve the performance on real driving scenarios. 
  • Leverage different sensors and computing platforms to overcome limitations of individual components.


  • Pursuing Master degree or higher in Computer Science or related disciplines.
  • Proficient in at least one of: c++, Python, Tensorflow, Pytorch.
  • Strong algorithmic background in computer vision, machine learning or robotics. 
  • Ability to obtain and maintain work authorization in the country of employment


  • Extensive experience in deep learning or computer vision.
  • Experience in CUDA, GPU acceleration, model optimization / compression. 
  • Experience in industry research or production.

About DiDi Labs

DiDi is a ride-sharing platform dedicated to revolutionizing the way people live and move. Didi Chuxing offers a full range of on-demand mobility options, including Taxi hailing, private car hailing, Hitch (social ride-sharing), Chauffeur (designated driver), Bus, Minibus, Car Rental, and Enterprise Solutions. Our company is committed to working with communities and partners to solve the world’s transportation and environmental challenges using big data-driven deep-learning algorithms that optimize resource allocation.

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