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DigitalRev is the world’s leading photography media brand and content creator, with an editorial and video team devoted to informing and inspiring a cross-generational group of people who express themselves visually through photography and videography. DigitalRev inspires its readers and viewers to see photography as more than just a hobby, but as a way to express themselves, to create compelling visual stories, to immerse themselves in new technology and to have fun. Our History The DigitalRev brand was first established in 2003 as a photography e-commerce platform. The company pioneered a unique model of converging content, commerce and community. While we have always seen the brand as an important contributor to the photography community, it was not until the filming of “Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera” when we realised that photography doesn’t have to be enjoyed by a few, but should become a fundamental skill of this century, along with literacy, as a way to enable self expression and storytelling. Today DigitalRev has grown far beyond the store, and at its core it’s an editorial driven media and content platform with fresh, entertaining and inspiring content uploaded daily. One Simple Mission DigitalRev is a global community of viewers and readers who express themselves through photography and videography. We believe passionately in a world of compelling visual ideas enabled by technology. We are not only a media company and a content creation platform, but also a movement of all people to see photography as a fundamental human skill, to create a new wave of compelling shareable content through visual media.

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