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Doctolib, Paris,France

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Doctolib is looking for experienced Full Stack developers to work in our Paris office and build the software that powers the Hospitals of the future. 

TL;DR Autonomous Full Stack Product Developer Role. 
You own the tech and deploy code every day.
Ruby on Rails, React, Daily Deployments, CI pipeline with 12K+ tests.

Diary management in Hospitals is one of the most complex problems the healthcare space faces today. Our hospital team is dedicated to solving challenges in hospital digitalisation, healthcare interoperability and enterprise health tech. Our hospital teamwork build a SaaS platform used by thousands of Doctors and millions of patients who go to the hospital every month. 

As a developer on this team, you will be working in a small squad who work directly with our healthcare industry partners. Our Hospital team work on bespoke integrations with large scale healthcare data projects. We build tools for each project with the idea that we can scale the tools to be used by thousands of hospitals. 

Expect to deploy code into production every day, own your own development and build a user-focused product that helps millions of people. What we are building is hyper-secure, test-driven and pragmatically user-friendly.We hire in a language-agnostic manner but to give you an idea of the environment you will be working in. Everything runs on Ruby on Rails, backed by PostgreSQL and Redis. Front side, we bet on React even for our Mobile apps. Our hospitals team work on a lot of Healthcare API’s . 
In this role you can expect a competitive package and excellent benefits. 

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About us Doctolib is the #1 online and mobile booking platform and management software provider for doctors in Europe with 6 million patients each month and 300 employees. For doctors, Doctolib is a software and a full-range service to improve bookings management, reduce no show and bring new patients to your office. Visit our doctor page : https://www.doctolib.fr/for-doctors For patients, Doctolib is a free online service to find a nearby health practitioner and book appointments 24/24 and 7/7 within a few clicks. We simply try to deliver the great healthcare experience we all deserve.

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