Sales Operations Manager

Domino Data Lab, San Francisco

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Domino is helping the world run on models. Data Science teams at model-driven companies use our platform to accelerate breakthrough research, increase collaboration, and rapidly deliver high-impact models. Our customers are sophisticated analytical organizations including Allstate, Tesla, Dell, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Backed by Sequoia Capital, Zetta Venture Partners, Bloomberg Beta, and Coatue Management, we are at the epicenter of the data science revolution: helping companies build better cars, develop more effective medicine, or simply recommend the best song to play next.

Are you a sales ops ace, who knows how to keep the system organized and growing? Your opportunity is to look after Domino’s sales engine, building out its sophistication as we grow. We have ambitions of being the leader in the data science platform space and need help to build our foundational technical teams. Come build the team that is helping power the data science revolution!

You’ll Own

  • Domino’s CRM, ensuring it stays accurate and the various stakeholders can lean on and trust its output
  • The sales contract lifecycle, from ensuring we understand what we’re signing and staying on top of the obligations we make
  • Our Sales team OKRs to keep everyone up to date on how we’re tracking

You’ll Build

  • Dashboards, reports, new layouts and workflows for stakeholders across the business
  • A sales cadence to surface managers the information needed to better run their business

You’ll Teach

  • Colleagues across departments how to work smarter with the data outputs of your work
  • New Sales team members all about our Sales processes

You’ll Learn

  • How the systems and processes in Sales Operations evolve as a company scales into hypergrowth
  • All about Data Science, there’s no better place than at a thought leader in the space


  • A few years of sales operations experience at a tech startup
  • Ready knowledge of many facets of the Salesforce platform. No need to be a certified developer, but we’re keen on someone who’s no stranger to the platform. (Bonus points if you’re familiar with Outreach or Gainsight as well)
  • Familiarity with sales contracts and some of the legalese in B2B sales
  • Enterprise sales ops experience preferred

About Domino Data Lab

About Us Domino was founded by three veterans of the finance industry, to help leading organizations develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, build better cars, or simply recommend the best song to play next. Our mission is to help data scientists across industries develop and deploy ideas faster with collaborative, reusable, reproducible analysis.

Domino Data Lab

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