Security Engineer

DoorDash, San Francisco, CA

On-demand delivery empowering local economies

Come help us build the world's most reliable on-demand, logistics engine for delivery! We're bringing on talented engineers to help us create and maintain a 24x7, no downtime, global infrastructure system that powers DoorDash’s three-sided marketplace of consumers, merchants, and dashers.

At DoorDash we’re building the most secure and reliable delivery network to support our three-sided marketplace of consumers, merchants, and dashers! On the Security team we need to protect each of these customers, as well as the logistics engine itself. It’s no simple task, but it wouldn’t be interesting if it was!

Our team is looking for Security Engineers to work on application security, infrastructure security, and everything adjacent.

What You’ll Achieve

  • Breaking & Fixing - You’ll identify security problems and implement high-quality solutions.
  • Identifying “this & that” Solutions - Rather than compromise security, customer experience, or productivity, you’ll work to achieve the best of all three.
  • Owning Your Work - You’ll be responsible for a chunk of the security roadmap.
  • Building & Integrating Tools - You’ll leverage the best technology to prevent vulnerabilities and alert the team when needed.
  • Prioritizing Your Time - You’ll balance solving the problems in front of you against implementing game changing, long-term solutions.
  • Coaching - You’ll teach other parts of the organization relevant security skills, both formally and informally.

About You

  • You have healthy security paranoia and notice security issues before others.
  • You celebrate your successes, but also admit your missteps and learn from feedback - we’re all human.
  • You’re growth-minded and eager to expand your skill set.
  • You display adaptability, resiliency, and the ability to thrive in ambiguity - things change quickly!


  • 3+ years of industry experience (at least one year of focused security experience)
  • Strong understanding of web application and infrastructure vulnerabilities
  • Experience with architecture-level security
  • Understanding of Python, Django, AWS - deep understanding of at least one
  • Excellent communication skills (written & verbal) - we partner with every team in the company

Nice To Haves

  • BS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, IT, or related field
  • Android or iOS experience

About Us

Founded in 2013, DoorDash is a San Francisco-based technology company passionate about transforming local businesses and dedicated to enabling new ways of working, earning, and living. Today, DoorDash connects customers with their favorite local and national businesses in more than 1,000 cities across the United States and Canada. By building intelligent, last-mile delivery technology for local cities, DoorDash aims to connect people with the things they care about — one dash at a time.

About DoorDash

At DoorDash, we’re working to connect more businesses to more people. We want to shrink every city by bringing people anything—faster, fresher, and from farther away. And we’re doing it everyday: from prep-times to traffic to weather, we’ve innovated a groundbreaking approach to delivery that factors in all the elements that come between people and their products. We want to be the shortest distance between every local store and people’s doors. We’re breaking down the art of delivery to a perfect science – one order at a time. 

Want to learn more about DoorDash? Visit DoorDash's website.