Senior Unity Engineer

Dots, New York

We're creating games people love to play.

Dots is looking for a reliable and experienced Senior Unity Engineer who is interested in joining our multi-talented team. We have big plans for our current hit games and even more exciting new things in the pipeline! We're searching for strong engineers who love solving hard problems and have a passion to participate in the whole process, from idea to prototype to release to live ops.

The agile teams at Dots give developers opportunities to have a direct impact on the game because it requires working intimately with both the product managers and game designers to bring features and concepts to life. This development workflow demands that developers work across the spectrum of the front end stack.

We're particularly interested in any Senior Engineers driven by a desire to create solid and scalable products. Additionally, we must insist on applicants with broad skill sets for this role. We are looking for folks who are never satisfied with knowing only one part of the stack; they are driven to understand how the entire application was architected, and how it functions. We want someone who can develop into a leader, either through example as an individual contributor or eventually rising to manage the team directly.

Have you:

  • Worked with backend engineers on building complex server/client features
  • Architected structures for the underlying systems of diverse applications
  • Worked with product and design teams on iterating broad features
  • Led large development teams
  • Written scalable and easily maintainable code
  • Specced, built and maintained internal tools and plugins
  • Shepherded an existing project with a large user base
  • Integrated, maintained, or created SDKs enabling new features and functionality

If you have done more than half of these things then we would love to talk to you!

Responsibilities could include:

  • Leading a team of engineers on game engineering tasks
  • Architecting comprehensive solutions to live problems
  • Discerning and solving big picture issues
  • Creating internal plugins to ease our team's burdens
  • Leading and implementing massive features in our games

We look forward to hearing from you!


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