Senior Backend Engineer

Dots, New York

We're creating games people love to play.

We are looking for a mid to senior level engineer to join our team and help us create, maintain, and scale our backend stack. 

Working at Dots
At Dots we are broad. Our games are beautifully executed from a graphic design, game design, and technological perspective. Our aim is to create experiences that do the little things extremely well. This results in a minimalist experience that has all the things you need and love, but none of the things you don’t. At Dots this approach is present in all verticals, and engineering is no exception. This is particularly true of the backend engineering position.

Key Responsibilities
Your responsibilities as a backend engineer will touch many parts of the business, from creation of game services to iteration on our custom continuous integrations system, to optimization of our experimentation system, to the creation of tools to aid designers. We love to create tools and services that delight our players AND our colleagues alike. We do this by having a solid roadmap of features, products, and tools that we know have the biggest impact, implementing the minimal “lovable” offering, and iterating on that offering as need and usage increases. By approaching our workload in this way, we pay attention to what matters most, and are able to create real, discernible impact immediately.

Our Roadmap
Below are some of the things on the roadmap. As a part of the backend engineering team, you will be responsible for creation, and maintenance of these systems, and more! If this sounds interesting to you, we’d love to have a chat and see if you are the right fit.

  • Game Services - Each of our games contain a dedicated set of service end points. These services are used for feature development.
    • Individual game services that live autonomously from one another. The stack is chosen based on the needs of the game.
  • Back Office - sometimes product specific, and sometimes spanning products, the goal of this suite of tools is to support live operations, and give everyone in the office ( but primarily designers / pms ) the ability to affect change in the products in real time. Examples:
    • Two dots administration
      • weekly events
      • promotions
    • customer support
    • experimentation framework administration
  • Data Engineering - At Dots we take data very seriously. Below are a few of the current data wrangling needs we have.
    • Iteration on ETL pipeline
    • Aggregate tables
  • Platform Development - The creation and iteration on / of a suite of product services that offer dots product agnostic capabilities. Even though geared towards the company's suite of products, the platforms are written in a way that they could easily be consumed by anything, anywhere.
    • experimentation
    • notifications
    • analytics
    • purchase validation and reporting
  • Automation / Engineering Tools - We want to keep our team as small and as agile as possible. To this end, the more we automate / continuously monitor our products and code, the more efficient we will stay. Below are a few of the automation initiatives we have on the roadmap.
    • Business Intelligence Team platform
    • Constant OTA delivery of develop builds. Dramatically increases the speed at which the product is collaborated on and QAs
    • Automated submission delivery to the relevant stores ( Apple, Google )
    • Continuous Deployment to various backend services.
    • Integrated test coverage for all services.

You have:

  • A passion for great mobile games!
  • Proficiency in at least one statically typed and one dynamically typed language. Our backend stack is currently Rails, Golang, Python, and Node.js, but we are decidedly non-dogmatic about what the language is.
  • Experience with AWS (or another cloud vendor), and CDNs (we use Fastly and Cloudfront)
  • Full stack experience
    • Extra bonus points for full stack mobile experience, or the desire to get your hands dirty with client side mobile development.
  • The ability to be a self starter and leader.
  • The ability to design data architectures and build relational databases (understand and communicate complex data models). We use Mysql and Redis.
  • Experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, and standard web interface technologies is a plus.
  • The qualifications to work in the United States.

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