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Role Description

Staff Ops is a small team that reports into the Chief of Staff to the CEO. Our team mission is to facilitate the achievement of the CEO’s objectives and provide him with leverage generally. We’re looking to recruit another individual to the team.
You'll get to work on a wide range of strategic and meaningful projects that have the potential for company-level impact. Driving these projects will not only push you to hone your analytical abilities, but also your discernment & intuition, and your people skills. You’ll gain significant exposure to the CEO, his reports, and other senior leaders across Dropbox, observing the business from one of the most unique vantage points possible.
This role is rotational in nature we expect that if you take on the role, you’ll likely stay for ~2 years and then rotate out into a different position in the business. The incredible context you gain about how Dropbox operates and the strong set of relationships you develop in this role will help set you up for success in any role you tackle next.


While exact workload will vary month to month (and sometimes week to week), responsibilities will generally include:
  • Driving key strategic projects that further the CEO’s objectives (past examples include our 2-year product strategy and annual Company Goals)
  • Designing and implementing the CEO’s operating cadence with his team (including his weekly sync with his reports, quarterly offsites, and Board meetings)
  • Preparing internal and external presentations, speeches, and pieces for the CEO (past examples include Board presentations and special All Hands)
  • Handling smaller tasks for the CEO upon request
  • Supporting other members of Staff Ops as needed
  • Developing strong, trust-based relationships with the CEO’s reports, key cross-functional leaders, and Dropboxers at all levels


  • Must have:
  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • 3-4 years of industry experience
  • Nice-to-have:
  • Prior experience working at a leading management consulting firm, or similar role
  • Prior experience working in tech or in a start-up environment
  • Degree in Math, Engineering, or a related field
  • MBA
  • Skills:
  • Creative problem solving (i.e. excels at identifying trends and patterns, developing root cause diagnoses, and using a diverse toolkit to address the root causes)
  • Prioritization (i.e. knows what matters, what doesn’t, and is able to operate successfully in an environment where it feels like the queue is unstable)
  • Communication (i.e. communicates successfully both in 1:1 and 1:many settings, especially with executives)
  • Problem framing (i.e. excels at finding structures/frameworks/models that help people better understand the problem and trade-offs at hand)
  • Project management (i.e. can successfully shepherd complex projects; is exceptionally organized, sweats the details, and can influence without authority)
  • Operating in ambiguity (i.e. can hold multiple, conflicting “truths” at once, and not get perturbed by lack of clear direction)
  • Traits:
  • High integrity, excellent judgement — you’ll have access to sensitive information and must treat it appropriately; this person should remember at all times that they represent the CEO
  • Highly collaborative — you recognize the value of bringing people along
  • Intellectual curiosity — you're eager to learn new concepts; you're willing to admit you don’t know certain things, will ask for help, roll up your sleeves, and learn
  • Self-aware — you aren't complacent when it comes to personal growth; you’re receptive to feedback and eager to grow despite one's seniority
  • Sense of ownership — you have a mentality of “the buck stops with me” and always ask “what did I contribute to this situation?”
  • Low ego — you shouldn’t be prone to thinking that a job is too small
  • Brave and adaptable — you’re unafraid to operate in high-pressure, chaotic situations

Benefits and Perks

  • 100% company paid individual medical, dental, & vision insurance coverage
  • 401k + company match
  • Market competitive total compensation package
  • Free Dropbox space for your friends and family
  • Wellness Reimbursement
  • Generous vacation policy
  • 10 company paid holidays
  • Volunteer time off 
  • Company sponsored tech talks (technology and other relevant professional topics)

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