Data Protection Officer

Dropbox, Dublin, Ireland

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Role Description

Dropbox International Unlimited Company (“Dropbox”) seeks an experienced data protection & privacy professional to fill the role of Data Protection Officer, based out of our Dublin office. You will play a central role as Dropbox continues to build our cross-functional privacy team. We aim to promote an open and dynamic digital society and to advance industry-leading practices in user privacy and data security.

You will help build and run a data protection program to ensure that Dropbox handles personal data safely and responsibly. You will work collaboratively across multiple teams to establish a rigorous compliance framework for developing and deploying products and infrastructure that embrace industry-leading privacy practices. You will also serve as the primary point of contact for Dropbox and its employees, regulators, and the public for issues related to our data protection and privacy policies and practices.


  • You will have oversight of Dropbox’s privacy program and ensuring Dropbox remains on the forefront of European data protection compliance.
  • In partnership with the data protection counsel, you will monitor compliance with data protection & privacy laws and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, including implementation of Dropbox’s privacy program, reviews of privacy impact assessments, internal audits and other relevant data protection activities.
  • You will be the primary point of contact for external inquiries about Dropbox’s data protection and privacy policies and practices.
  • You will act as an advocate for data protection and privacy in Dropbox, leading internal training and building awareness across the organisation.
  • You will Perform all other necessary duties in accordance with Article 39 of the GDPR.


  • 8+ years of relevant work experience with global data protection and privacy oversight in a technology environment, including direct engagement with European and other global regulators on data protection/privacy matters.
  • In-depth understanding of GDPR compliance issues.
  • Experience with information systems audit standards and information security frameworks and certifications.
  • Demonstrated communication skills to speak with a wide-ranging audience, from the board of directors to data subjects, from managers to IT staff and lawyers.
  • Demonstrated leadership supporting teams of diverse partners in a dynamic environment.
  • Eager to learn new technologies and ideas. Confident navigating complicated and nuanced issues.
  • Demonstrated and successful track record of working closely with data protection counsel.
  • Great interpersonal skills with sound business judgement.

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