Software Engineer, Surveillance

DRW, Chicago

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DRW needs your help solving problems no one has ever solved.

You've probably heard that from job ads before.

Maybe you’ve also read about playing ping pong and wearing jeans to work. You can do all of that at DRW, but that's not why you should work here.

You should work at DRW because here you will be free to make things. Seriously. What do you want to make? Come make it.

That's not to say that you'll be whiteboarding all day - job #1 will be creating and maintaining a set of highly visible and highly valuable tools. You'll also support a few legacy systems until we can finish migrating them.

DRW is special because what we want from you is not 4-6 years of Java experience, optimized linked list sorting, or perfected agile methodologies. We want your ideas - we want you to challenge the way we are doing things.

DRW is a principal trading firm. We make money by being smart about what we buy and sell. We use our own capital – no customers or investors. That might seem unusual at first, but you’ll find that it’s pretty awesome.

Without external customers, you'll be able to change things that aren't working. That API endpoint you maintain because someone in Bend, OR keeps hitting it at 2 am - it's gone. That idea you have for ingesting data in HBase coprocessors - go do it. If it works, it stays.

As an Engineer on the Compliance team, you'll work with Compliance Officers to make sure that our (incredibly important) regulatory requirements are fulfilled. You'll experiment with emerging technologies to monitor trading behaviors. You’ll wrestle a mountain of data into human understandable insights.

What we have:

  • A greenfield platform written in Elixir.
  • Legacy systems in C# and Python.
  • Somewhere between a heap and a gaggle of data.
  • A team of people who love solving problems.

What we are looking for from you:

  • You have good ideas and you readily share them.
  • You get things done.
  • You like working on a team.
  • You like challenges.

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About DRW

DRW was founded by Don Wilson, who got his start trading on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the late 1980s. Every trader on the floor had a three letter acronym for identification—Don chose his initials, DRW, and the name stuck. Over the past 25 years, DRW has expanded globally while staying true to what has always set us apart…our ability to identify and capture opportunities by leveraging technology, research and risk management. Our Approach We characterize our trading activity as following three general approaches — Liquidity providing: making markets, buying and selling products every day, with execution on a trading floor, over the phone and electronically Risk taking: doing our homework, formulating a view and putting on a position. Some positions are held for a few days, some for a few months or even years. Latency sensitive: combining research and risk management with superior technology and execution Trading in any asset class might include just one of these or may bring together all three; it all depends on what we see as the right strategy in that market. Our knowledge of the markets, pricing and modeling skills, risk management, and leading technology work together to create liquidity, improve market efficiency, and capture opportunities. Our Culture DRW combines the best of both worlds: the opportunity and spirit of a startup and the stability of an established, experienced firm. Our employees work hard to solve interesting problems, and their results are rewarded. We value continuous learning—from our outcomes, from the environment and from each other. It’s a place of high expectations, deep curiosity, and constant collaboration, with some of the smartest, most passionate people you’ll meet.

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