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Ebury, Barcelona

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Ebury is a FinTech success story, positioned among the fastest-growing international companies in its sector.

Headquartered in London & with offices across Europe opening in Dubai, North America and APAC, we empower businesses that want to trade and transact internationally. We drive innovation through technology, providing businesses with the tools they need to manage their international trade and support their growth, including import lending, currency and risk products, and payment and collection facilities.

The talent of our 700+ multicultural staff, combined with our cutting-edge technology, tailored product range, and exceptional customer service, has enabled us to double in size year after year. Today we have 18 offices across the world, with even more exciting expansion plans to come.

Join as a Business Developer where you will gain extensive knowledge from industry-leading professionals. Throughout your career you will be supported by our world-class Ebury training academy, where you will learn about macro and microeconomics, the psychology of sales, and a range of financial products, incorporating this knowledge into your selling technique.

Even through our tremendous growth, we maintain a vibrant and enjoyable company culture, and those who excel in our highly meritocratic and fast-paced environment will be generously rewarded.

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La responsabilitat inicial d’un FX Business Developer a Barcelona es principalment captar nous clients a través de:

- Identificació de les exportacions i / o importacions d'empreses espanyoles a països de fora de la zona euro i, per tant, necessitats de canviar la seva moneda per a les transaccions comercials.
- Generació de clients potencials a la base de dades: Identificació d'empreses que necessiten productes financers relacionats amb el comerç exterior en sectors clau.
- Trucades a clients potencials presentant els serveis de Ebury.
- Xarxa de contactes: assistir a esdeveniments per conèixer empreses i atreure clients.
- Seguiment del mercat de divises i notícies macroeconòmiques amb impacte en els mercats financers.
- Preparació de materials per a vendes i ofertes comercials.
- Assistir a reunions amb venedors sènior per atendre clients i tancar negoci.
- Captació de comptes.

Habilitats i experiència:

  • Llicenciatura en Empresa, Economia, Dret o similar.
  • Experiència comercial / desenvolupament empresarial amb empreses, preferentment en àrees comercials internacionals o financeres.
  • Excel·lents habilitats d'expressió escrita i verbal i d'articulació.
  • Gran ambició comercial, acostumats a treballar basant-se en assolir resultats.
  • Les relacions existents amb sectors clau són un plus.
  • Castellà i català natiu i també domini de l'anglès.
  • Disponibilitat per viatjar per Espanya i ocasionalment a Londres.

Què oferim?

  • Contracte fix de termini de 6 mesos + 6 mesos + Contracte indefinit.
  • El nostre pla de carrera: Promocionar ràpidament. Esquema totalment meritocràtic.
  • Un ambient de treball excel·lent.
  • Salari establert per acord.
Due to the high number of applications received, only successful candidates will be contacted.

About Ebury

We are Ebury We believe that in order for businesses to prosper and grow there need to be as few boundaries as possible. Growing internationally can mean a world of complexity for your business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Ebury helps eliminate boundaries with: – Financial services that are normally reserved for large companies – Business funding for your supply chain – Tailored currency services – Our vast global network and all our expertise


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