Data Scientist (Time Series)

EDITED, London

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At EDITED, you'll be part of our Product and Data team, working closely with other software developers and data scientists, retail specialists and designers to create data-driven solutions to our customers' problems. We've got huge scope to innovate and we always welcome fresh perspectives. You'll be able to make a big impact, and learn a huge amount during your time at EDITED.

We bring in the best candidates to meet our existing team and get to know them before making a hiring decision together.

We’re looking to expand our Data Science team with a candidate who is familiar with time series models. You’ll be working with a team of Data Scientists on innovative methods of identifying trends, outliers, seasonalities and other behaviors using historical information which will generate insights for our clients.

You should be able to fit standard time series models like ARIMA, Holt Winters, Kalman filters but also be interested in new approaches within the field. You will use information from our extensive database to drive the development of powerful new ways to extract retail insights.

  • Experience with time series analysis (Holt Winters, ARIMA, Kalman filter or equivalent methods based on bayesian statistics or neural networks)
  • Data manipulation and visualisation (R, Python, or any other)
  • Experience with finding and testing evaluation metrics
  • Ability to explain, tell a data driven story
  • 2+ years experience
  • Experience with Elasticsearch
  • Experience with Python
  • Experience delivering commercial products


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