Office Manager

EDITED, London

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The Job

When everything runs smoothly, and all the little details are taken care of, people can get on with what they do best. Our team is growing quickly, and we’re focussed on having one of the best places to work in London, if not the world.

Your job will be to keep everything operating. You’ll greet guests from some of the world’s most impressive brands, you’ll make sure that we’ve got a good variety of ice-creams that people love in our freezer during summer time, and you’ll know what size batteries that someone’s mouse takes. You’ll also be the office expert on the photocopier, and anything else that comes up to help our team be productive and feel like coming to work is effortless.

You’re the person that people on the team will turn to when they can’t get something to work, so you’ll be a lateral thinker, a generalist and you’re not scared to be hands on when learning how to fix things around the office. You won’t have to deal with stroppy people or customers, or have to do the same old thing every single day.

So, this role is a little like front-of-house, fixer and contributor to overall happiness and productivity. You should have a can-do attitude, bucket-loads of initiative, a warm, always-happy and friendly nature. You’ll like working on things on your own, as well as with other people. The thing that gets you leaping out of bed every day is helping other people, and taking care of the little things that make EDITED an amazing place to work.


You are:

  • Early in your career - looking for your first or second job, or maybe you’ve just graduated
  • Meticulous and love problem solving.
  • Extremely organised (take this one seriously, you’ll know if you are).
  • A person that gets things done.
  • A super fast learner.
  • Someone who likes to work independently, as well as with a team.

You have:

  • Excellent communication skills. You’re concise.
  • A great eye for details - even tiny errors catch your attention.
  • A sense of perspective - you understand where issues sit within the bigger picture.
  • A positive, can-do attitude.


  • You’ve done this role before
  • You have an interest in retail, or fashion, or both!


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