Head of Design

EDITED, London

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At EDITED, we are changing the way retail works forever.

Your work here will help empower customers with the ability to make confident, data driven decisions everyday by combining billions of data points with deep learning and intuitive design through our product.

We are looking for an empathetic problem solver to unite technology & product. You’ll work closely with teams across the business to generate insights, fuel ideation and promote design-centred solutions, ultimately creating an incredible user experience and making our brand unforgettable.

You will be 50% hands-on design; owning our brand and all its touchpoints, while using the rest of your time to grow & mentor our talented team, create a central design function and implement strong rationale.

Put the User first. Understand our business. Inspire and build a team. Be the foundation for the rest. In that order.

You will be:

  • Excited and passionate about scaling our product and want to help us reach our product and business goals, for which we’re all responsible for.;
  • Working hands on to get things done, both as a player and a coach;
  • Empathetic to customer needs, but also able to consider technical constraints and business goals;
  • A macro-thinker with the ability to show how great design can solve big problems. It is your job to make the company’s vision the customer’s reality;.
  • A champion of great design and have the vision and ability to evolve a small design team into a central function spanning our product and brand;.
  • Designing intuitively and able to make and act on decisions quickly. When things have to get done, you're proactive and happy to be the point of escalation.
  • Building a unified understanding of quality, by creating alignment, awareness and accountability both within the team and across the business as a whole.
  • Creating a space where great design can happen, fluidly integrating with technology and data; coaching, guiding, prodding your team to create seamless and enjoyable experiences; and  
  • Earning design a seat at the table, by reinforcing rationale and emulating problem solving through design. Be able to say no. To stand up for the user. And for the team.


  • You are a compelling leader with design skills that inspire.
  • Experience owning and evolving design in a software company with longevity.
  • Demonstrated history creating an intuitive brand that works across all touchpoints from product & experience to sound design & events.
  • Able to articulate technical information in a human way to non-technical people.


  • Ability to scale a team, create a clear central design function and guide its application across the business.


About EDITED EDITED is used by the world’s best brands and retailers to have the right product at the right time, at the right price. But more than that, it’s become the single biggest source of real-time retail data in the world. Now industry professionals can know more about their markets than ever before. Every day brands and retailers on six continents use EDITED to understand their markets in real-time and trade more efficiently. And it’s not just cutting-edge online retailers; this is a product that’s transformative for every business. Data is essential. You need data to compete with the best companies in the world, and to give your customers the best product. Our team works hard to help our customers trade better than ever before. We’re serious about our colleagues, and we have a high performance, high responsibility and high context culture. We’re data scientists, retail professionals, analysts, engineers, business people and all of us are the very best in the world at what we do. Read more about working at EDITED. Our product is used by the world’s biggest brands and retailers. It’s easy to understand, powerful, and transformative to your business. We’d love to show you what it can do.

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