Security Operations Engineer

eero, San Francisco

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Job description:

At eero, we work to make your network fast, reliable, and secure. With security features embedded in every layer of our design, including an in-house operating system, TLS encryption for our cloud back-end, and automatic software updates, eero is a product built for security. The Security Operations Engineer is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the security of our organization and the infrastructure that underpins our consumer-facing products and services.

As a Security Operations Engineer, you will develop and maintain the tools and processes required to keep platform teams updated on the latest security issues that affect them, as well as identify and execute security improvements across our infrastructure.

In this role, you will:

  • Design, implement, and operate new security infrastructure and tooling projects.
  • Build and continuously improve security monitoring of infrastructure and applications, including identifying appropriate event sources, consuming and parsing log data, building visualizations of events of interest, and building alerting and triage workflows.
  • Identify security misconfigurations and infrastructure improvements through a combination of manual reviews and building / using vulnerability management tooling.
  • Assist engineering teams with developing future services to better support monitoring and response activities, both through education and the design of frameworks and libraries.
  • Assist the platform teams with designing and building infrastructure that supports rapid patching of security issues without service interruptions.
  • Identify, investigate, and help resolve security incidents.

Currently, you:

  • Have experience building, configuring and operating a SIEM and/or detection & alerting platform.
  • Are experienced maintaining AWS infrastructure and understand the ways in which VPCs, containers. STS, SNS, etc. can be used to support security operations.
  • Are comfortable developing software or scripts in a language of your choice for the purposes of automating and scaling common tasks.
  • Are experienced administering Linux operating systems. Administration and monitoring of OS X endpoints and common network devices are a plus.
  • Have 3+ years experience in security operations, or system administration with a meaningful security focus.

Bonus Points if you:

  • Have experience working as part of an incident response team, including on-call incident response, and incident post-mortem investigations.
  • Have experience with computer forensics.
  • Have experience with the Scala / Play / Akka stack that our cloud applications are built on.

We encourage you to apply if you meet many but not all of the above requirements, but have a keen interest in the growth areas and the work that eero does.

About eero

At eero we believe the foundation of home technology has been broken for far too long. After years of slowly waving laptops around in hopes of a better signal, we couldn’t take it anymore. So in 2014, we assembled a team of the brightest engineers and designers with a singular goal: make WiFi so great it disappears. And that’s just what we’ve done. eero is simpler, performs better, and is more intelligent than any WiFi solution on earth. For the first time, WiFi is reliable enough to cover every room in the home and allows people to move on with their lives.

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