Strategic Finance Manager

eero, San Francisco

Elevating life at home.

Wifi is the foundation of the modern home. It powers our favorite experiences like Netflix, Spotify and FaceTime. Without it, nothing works. Yet it’s completely broken - the products are impossible to set up, fail far too often, and plague us with slow connections and dead zone.

We’re fixing it: we’ve worked to eliminate frustration and redefine wifi as a cornerstone of the home. But that’s just the start. The smart home has been talked about for years, yet hasn’t panned out. Fixing connectivity is just the start. We’re working on the building blocks of the smart home by designing our own hardware, enabling it with powerful software, and tying it all together to the cloud. We are positioned to drive the next cycle of hardware and software innovation that elevates life at home. A home that anticipates our needs, takes care of us and our families, keeps us safe and healthy, and saves money and energy.

Job overview:

The strategic finance team is responsible for strategic analysis and financial decision-making at eero. We own the company’s corporate model, optimize capital resources, and develop strategy to shape eero’s business.

We are looking for a manager to lead the strategic finance role. You will drive financial planning, finance business partnering, and support investor relations. The ideal candidate works well in a fast paced environment, enjoys understanding metrics that drive the business, and is capable of managing multiple projects at once.

What you’ll do:

  • Take ownership of eero’s financial model
  • Oversee forecasting and inventory management in collaboration with sales, marketing, and manufacturing operations
  • Lead annual planning and quarterly budgeting process
  • Advise executives on financial performance and identify potential areas of improvement
  • Assist with board presentations, investor communication, and fundraising as necessary
  • Perform financial modeling and market analysis for ad hoc projects

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • At least 5 years of experience in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, or corporate finance / FP&A
  • High proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint / Keynote
  • Proven ability to build trusting relationships with business partners and present to executives
  • A thoughtful work style that can dive deep into the numbers, but also think about the bigger picture
  • A forward-thinking, creative, and intellectually curious mindset that can accelerate the team’s potential

About eero

At eero we believe the foundation of home technology has been broken for far too long. After years of slowly waving laptops around in hopes of a better signal, we couldn’t take it anymore. So in 2014, we assembled a team of the brightest engineers and designers with a singular goal: make WiFi so great it disappears. And that’s just what we’ve done. eero is simpler, performs better, and is more intelligent than any WiFi solution on earth. For the first time, WiFi is reliable enough to cover every room in the home and allows people to move on with their lives.

Want to learn more about eero? Visit eero's website.