Software Engineer - AssetHub Tools

Element Analytics, Medellín, Colombia

Unlocking Full Potential Through Data

At Element, we’re changing the way people experience industrial data. Today, they must wrangle and work at data — we make data work for people, proactively surfacing insight where it’s needed most. Element’s AssetHub platform organizes industrial data into an accessible and useful form, and provides actionable predictions to help people make fact-based decisions for greater worker safety, efficiency, and sustainability.


You’re a smart engineer with finely honed instincts for walking the line between getting things done fast and getting things done right. You thrive on becoming more efficient, and spend time building tools to make your life easier. You love building elegant systems and obsess about building software that's flexible and extensible where it needs to be. It drives you nuts to work with systems that are needlessly complex and have extensibility built in for extensibility sake. You're back-end focused, but you're comfortable with the front-end when a project takes you there. You enjoy data engineering, data, science, or data visualization, and have worked on some data-related problems in the past. You think big, but can see how to start small, drive value for our users, and move fast to accomplish the vision. If this sounds like you, we'd love to chat.

Our Stack: We have run a microservice architecture from day 1. Being a largely functional programming shop, our APIs are primarily implemented using Scala (on akka-http), the front end is written with TypeScript & React.js. We use .NET Framework for on-premise applications and some of our headless agents. We run the AssetHub on Kubernetes, while the on-premise code runs on either Windows or Linux (both virtual and physical - our customers are the old guard and they have a mix of modern and antique systems). 


  • Work as part of a scrum team focused on building tools that solve pinpoint customer problems in service of building and consuming Asset Models
  • Build modular plugins to the AssetHub (our core product) in Scala, React, and TypeScript and Python
  • Support the operations of those services in production environments and participate in the engineering on-call rotation
  • Participate in the R&D process. All the way from the design phase, through planning, development, deployment and improvement. 
  • Break down big ideas into bit-sized pieces that we can deliver incrementally and without customer pain
  • Collaborate with folks across multiple teams in both Colombia and the US


  • Fluent technical English
  • 4+ years of designing and building applications that are cleanly coded, well designed and operationally stable
  • Excellent ability to communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • You can debate the merits of different ways to solve a problem without getting stuck on any one solution, and can commit to decisions even if you don’t completely agree
  • Experience building with Scala applications ideal, but working with complex distributed systems is required
  • Functional programming background highly desired but not required
  • React.js and TypeScript experience 
  • Experience building .NET applications a big plus
  • Experience with building and operating distributed systems and an understanding of the complexities and challenges therein
  • BS or MS in Computer Science (or related field) preferred

About Element Analytics

At Element Analytics, we're inspired by people who work at industrial companies on day-to-day operations, who keep the lights on and provide so much of the world’s living necessities. We provide them with technology that removes existing obstacles and enables them to realize the full potential of their capabilities. Our mission is to make industrial data incredibly easy to use, and turn it into insight that people can act on to achieve new levels of operational performance. We're a team of industry veterans, data scientists and engineers, analytical and creative thinkers. We thrive on solving hard problems and turning data into real-world impact.

Element Analytics

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