Application Software Engineer

Emerald Cloud Lab, South San Francisco, CA

By Scientists, For Scientists

About Emerald

The Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL) enables life scientists to move out of the lab, and to conduct research entirely from a computer. Stepping away from manual completion of experiments at the bench, scientists on the ECL leverage the remote, automated execution of all standard biology and chemistry experiments in Emerald’s facility in South San Francisco, working within a single software platform for all stages of research workflows, from experimental design to data analysis.

It is our aim at Emerald to build a new technology foundation for the life sciences, driving a multi-decade period of compounding innovation in biotechnology. With the ECL, it becomes as achievable for a small team of scientists to pursue an ambitious therapeutic R&D initiative as it has become for a small team of capable programmers to develop and deploy a web based software product.

What You’ll Do

The Application Software Engineer designs and develops the ECL Command Center and the multiple internal applications on which the ECL runs. The Command Center is a desktop application built with web technologies. It offers scientists a broad suite of tools for designing experiments on the ECL, tracking their progress, and analyzing their results, all within the collaborative context of working alongside other researchers. Projects include: the notebook interface to Emerald’s Symbolic Lab Language (SLL); team-based features for managing projects and end-to-end research workflows; point-and-click expression builders that onboard users into the capabilities of SLL; building out the platform for running the web application on the desktop. We’re a small team, which means it is essential for every team member to be ready to take ownership and lead projects. Feature design and development is critical in this role, so you will work closely alongside Emerald’s world-class Design team.

As an early team member helping to build the Engineering team as well as the product, you will also be encouraged to contribute to the software engineering best practices we maintain in our own work, and which we bring to Emerald as a whole. We strive to be continually critical of our process, cutting cruft and homing in on performance multipliers (like continuous integration and agile development practices).  

Our Tech Stack

Our applications are modern web applications (React / Redux / Backbone / HTML5 / CSS3) running on the desktop (with NW.js) across Windows and Mac OS. Our backend services are written in Go, and deployed on AWS infrastructure in Docker containers. Our source code control is on Github, with integration with Travis-CI for continuous testing. SLL and the Experiment Framework are written in the Wolfram Language and Clojure. Our stack is always evolving, and we welcome new ideas and technologies which enhance our ability to deliver incredible software.

The Application Engineering role operates primarily in frontend UX technologies like React, Backbone, Marionette and NW.js. More broadly, bringing online the first cloud-based biotech lab is an expansive, diverse challenge. A core component of our job is consistently determining the right tools for the job at hand, and diving in to learn these new technologies along the way.


If you would like to apply or learn more, we’d love to hear from you! Please follow the link on this page, and include your resume and a remark or two about where you are coming from and why you are interested in Emerald and this role. We will contact you if we think there could be a match.

Optional but welcome:
A link to your Github account or any projects you are proud of can be especially helpful. With project links, please include some explanation to help us get our bearings.

About Emerald Cloud Lab

Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL) comes from Emerald Therapeutics, our venture-backed biotechnology company based in South San Francisco, California. Emerald was founded by two life-long friends (both Ph.D. scientists) and is staffed by top scientists and engineers from around the world. The ECL was originally developed as an internal product built to streamline research efforts, ensure reproducibility, and provide greater leverage for Emerald's scientists. Now, we are bringing the ECL to the world to provide leaner, more reproducible scientific research to everyone.

Emerald Cloud Lab

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