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About Emerald

At Emerald, we are building the software and hardware infrastructure to accelerate the pace of life sciences research, with the intention of laying the foundations for a period of flourishing innovation in biotechnology and medicine in the coming decades. It is our aim to make it as achievable for a small team of scientists to pursue an ambitious therapeutic R&D initiative as it has become for a small team of programmers to develop and deploy a web-based software product.

The Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL) is a web-based life sciences lab, enabling scientists to move out of the lab, and to instead conduct research remotely from a computer. It empowers scientists to specify experiments with the precision and reproducibility of code, and to abstract away the physical execution of those experiments to Emerald’s robotically-driven facility in South San Francisco. Through the ECL, the resulting experimental data is accessible in perpetuity, detailed metadata is linked and explorable, and investigators are equipped with a suite of computational tools to drive of the algorithmic components of data analysis, freeing them to focus on the insights that are uniquely derived by scientists.

Emerald Sci Dev

Pull science into the 21st century by translating the lab into code

Our Scientific Developers exemplify the ideal of the "Engineering-driven Scientist.” Every scientist we hire learns to code, and the eclectic team comes together to tackle the singular challenges at the intersection of understanding experimental detail, integrating new instruments into the system, designing the logistics of our factory-style lab, and building the software system that captures it all.

The charge of the Scientific Development Team is to build the interface between code and the physical laboratory. This involves prototyping, automating, and codifying scientific experimentation which spans multiple disciplines, including molecular biology, cell biology, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry. Working on this team, you will combine existing laboratory and experimental expertise with programming and robotic systems, and you will master an enormous span of scientific and engineering techniques.

On the SciDev team, you will be driving the core development of the ECL, and your work will have a different character than traditional scientific paths. First, we take Emerald’s engineering culture very seriously; it is at the heart of what makes us different among biotechs. This culture underlies everything from our aggressive robotic automation of lab processes to the focus on reproducibility and tools that we maintain in our internal research. Second, you will be building a product. While the engineer in you will move the product and the company forward by building and iterating, the scientist in you will serve as the crucial guiding voice: relentlessly focused on crafting the ECL into one of the first software products that scientists everywhere love to use.

About You
We’re looking for extremely versatile, engineering-driven scientists who are excited to bring together lab-based expertise and software to reshape scientific research

You might be a great fit for Emerald Sci Dev if …

  • You have 5+ years of experience working in a life sciences laboratory
  • You are comfortable with rigorous data analysis and experimental design
  • You are capable and willing to learn computer programming (no prior experience necessary, but it would be a welcome bonus)
  • You are capable and willing to learn to program robotic automation (no prior experience necessary, but it would be a welcome bonus)
  • You have strong quantitative abilities
  • You are a highly motivated self-starter
  •  You are a detail-oriented thinker who takes pride in precision experimentation
  • You enjoy building systems and process automating

You might be a great fit for Emerald's culture if …

  • You’ve got grit. Setbacks just sweeten the eventual wins.
  • When a hard problem confronts you, you are too busy conceiving of potential solutions to get hung up on the question of whether it can be solved or not.
  • You are impressively empathetic.
  • You are intellectually fearless. At Emerald, being an "engineering-driven scientist" includes taking things apart to build them right, from the nuts and bolts if necessary.
  • You are not afraid to diverge from precedent when first-principles thinking illuminates another path.
Next Steps

If you would like to apply or learn more, we’d love to hear from you! Please follow the "Apply" link below, and include your resume and a remark or two about where you are coming from and why you are interested in Emerald and this role. We will contact you if we think there could be a match.

About Emerald Cloud Lab

Emerald Cloud Laboratory (ECL) comes from Emerald Therapeutics, our venture-backed biotechnology company based in South San Francisco, California. Emerald was founded by two life-long friends (both Ph.D. scientists) and is staffed by top scientists and engineers from around the world. The ECL was originally developed as an internal product built to streamline research efforts, ensure reproducibility, and provide greater leverage for Emerald's scientists. Now, we are bringing the ECL to the world to provide leaner, more reproducible scientific research to everyone.

Emerald Cloud Lab

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