Software Engineering Manager

Enjoy, Menlo Park, CA

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About Enjoy.

Enjoy is the next generation of the retail store. Our highly-trained and friendly experts bring the store to you. We offer same-day delivery with help and setup of today’s premiere technology products that is free to users. Last year we doubled the markets we serve for a total of 16 with more to come this year including international expansion.

We are helping today’s premiere companies navigate the rapid shift from offline to online commerce by offering same-day delivery speed with a smile for their consumers. We believe that speed matters but the experience is what allows Enjoy to deliver outstanding value for consumers and partners which include some of the world’s largest consumer electronics and telecom carriers.

Enjoy is founded and led by Ron Johnson, former head of Apple Retail, and an executive team from leading retail, technology and design organizations like Apple, Facebook and Amazon, to name a few.

About the Role.

Behind every great product is a great team, and behind every great team is a great leader. That's what we expect from our Software Engineering (SWE) Managers. SWE Managers not only lead a SWE team and foster a healthy and productive engineering culture, but they also need to have the technical prowess to define a high level architecture and roll up their sleeves and execute on that architecture.  

There's more to being a SWE Manager than just technical chops too. You're entrusted to partner with Product to define the roadmap and the overall strategy and vision for your area of the business. SWE Managers are expected to have a strong product mindset: knowing how to rollout new features, when to build an MVP vs go all in, and how to prioritize investments, debt, and bugs. You're treated as much an owner of the business and it's success as a product owner.  

What You'll Be Doing.

As a Software Engineering Manager you will:

  • Lead a team of engineers, keeping members motivated, productive, and growing.
  • Own an area of the business, partnering with Product to define the roadmap, vision, and architecture.  
  • Cultivate a healthy, productive, effective engineering culture.  
  • Drive the full execution lifecycle: from definition, design, implementation, to release and iteration.

About our Engineering Culture.

  • The best ideas win - Wo matter who or where they may come from.
  • Problems not solutions - Engineers focus on solving problems, not building solutions handed to them. No one wants to be a code-monkey.  
  • Move fast and iterate - We strive for continuous deployment enabled by healthy testing, monitoring, and feature flagging. Quick progress is better than waiting for perfect because you don't know what perfect is.  
  • Strong opinions, loosely held - We're all passionate but open-minded, both are essential to building a successful and talented team.
  • Shipping is just the beginning - Are customers using the feature? Do we see a lift in metrics? Was our hypothesis right? It's not just about writing code or deploying features, it's about making an impact.
  • Bachelor's degree in Compter Science or equivlient
  • 2+ years of experience developing in Ruby
  • 2+ years of experience managing, mentoring, and growing an engineering team
  • 5+ years of experience in designing and building web applications to scale
  • Enjoy whiteboarding data models, user interfaces, and workflows with others
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, bottom’s-up culture
  • Loves a hands-on approach, thinking with a product mindset, and getting ship done

Rewards at Enjoy.

  • Catered lunch three times a week and a fully stocked kitchen
  • Flexible schedule and weekly WFH days
  • Competitive benefit package that includes.....
    • Medical, dental, vision coverage
    • Unlimited PTO program
    • Commuter benefits
  • Your pick of work machine (MacBooks pros are our standard), but we’re happy to get you need to get your job done
  • Continuous deployment and staging infrastructure that makes development fun again


About Enjoy

About us Welcome to a new kind of delivery experience. Enjoy offers same-day delivery with personalized setup of today’s best tech products. To bring this to life, we employ incredibly friendly and smart Experts, who are great with tech and even better with people. Our Experts deliver, set up and explain products to customers, all on the same day they order them. And best of all, this is 100% free. Enjoy is founded and led by Ron Johnson, former head of Apple Retail and an executive team from leading retail, technology and design organizations like Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Victoria’s Secret, to name a few.

Want to learn more about Enjoy? Visit Enjoy's website.