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Entrepreneur First - Analyst

Job Description


Entrepreneur First was founded in 2011 by Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford with the aim of enabling the world’s most ambitious people to build the most important companies, and that is still true today. We are the world’s leading talent investor; we invest time and money in outstanding individuals, helping them find a co-founder, develop an idea, and start a technology company from scratch. 

Across our programmes in Europe and Asia, to date we have helped over 1,200 individuals build more than 200 companies, with a total valuation of $1.5 billion. EF’s companies have been funded by many of the leading venture investors in Europe, Asia and Silicon Valley. Our major exits to date include Magic Pony Technology which was acquired by Twitter for a reported $150m only 18 months after the Founders met on the EF programme. 

EF itself is backed by some of the world’s best investors, including the founders of LinkedIn, DeepMind and PayPal and runs cohorts in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin, Paris and Bangalore.


EF now faces the biggest and most exciting challenge in its history: scaling to become a globally important institution. To be accessible and attractive to the world’s most ambitious people, we have launched EF in Bangalore, with the first cohort well underway. To help support this process, we are on the lookout for an Analyst to join our team.

This role offers you the chance to be part of the early team of EF India; creating EF culture, and work across the spectrum of functions at the company.

About You 

  • Smart and resourceful with the ability to pick up a variety of tasks and execute them to a high standard
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A lot of initiative and drive to do what it takes
  • Someone with strong persuasion and interpersonal communication skills
  • You’re analytical and enjoy problem solving
  • You’re extremely organised, prioritise well and effortlessly multi-task
  • You’re excited about working in a diverse, distributed, global team


Joining EF in Bangalore means you’ll be involved in all aspects of the organization across Talent, Admissions and Form. You will be working right at the heart of EF’s unique methodology which consists of:  

1. Talent and Admissions 

You will encourage the smartest and highest potential candidates to apply to the programme and then work to identify the best and brightest from the pool. This is a unique challenge: no other organisation has found a way of assessing individuals’ raw potential to be founders.

  • Participate in our talent outreach through sourcing pipelines and high touch interactions.
  • Operationally support the selection and interview process.

2. Cultivation: Ensure everyone we offer to join EF, joins.

Every person we offer that doesn’t join is a missed opportunity to build something massive. Your mission is to ensure offer holders know EF is the highest value use of their time. Joining EF should be as extraordinary an experience as joining Harvard, McKinsey or Google.

  • Create a world class pre-joining experience for offer holders.
  • Spend time with offer holders to ensure they join.
  • Support on administrative tasks
  • Host events, webinars etc and manage end-to-end operations

3. Form: Turning high potential individuals into world class startups

The Form program coaches and guides highly talented individuals to build valuable companies. You will be a member of the core team delivering this program.

  • Lead all operational requirements such as organizing events, talks, supporting logistics etc.
  • Help with analyses and reports as needed to track progress and suggest ways to improve
  • Work with founders to understand their concerns and use those inputs to improve the program

 Location and Start Date

You’ll be based at the our Bangalore office in HSR Layout and would start as soon as possible.

EF champions diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive environment in which a variety of backgrounds thrive. We do not tolerate discrimination of any nature including but not limited to discriminating on the basis of race, colour, religion, culture, nationality, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, sexual preference, age, disability, or marital status.  

About Entrepreneur First Team

Join as an individual, leave with a company. We believe the the world’s most important companies are created when smart, committed, and diverse individuals come together and form a breakthrough insight. With each cohort at EF, we bring together extraordinary people to form companies with ambitious and unique visions for the future. EF helps these entrepreneurs — from the very beginning of their journey — to form teams, choose a problem to work on, develop a differentiated approach, and fundraise from the world's best investors. Since 2011, we have built and funded more deep tech startups than any other investor. Magic Pony Technology was one of the largest AI exits of 2016, and the 80+ startups we have built are now worth more than $1 billion. EF is your best shot to build a globally important company. We are backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Founders Fund, Lakestar Capital, and Deep Mind founders Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman. Read Reid Hoffman's thoughts on EF.

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