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Entrepreneur First Team, Singapore

Entrepreneur First is where outliers come together.

Entrepreneur First is Europe and Southeast Asia’s leading early-stage investor in frontier technology companies. We help the world's most ambitious individuals to build high growth technology companies from scratch. Over the last four years, we’ve built more than 100 startups collectively worth over $1 billion. Our portfolio consists of business working in diverse areas such as applied machine intelligence, genomics, drones/UAVs and robotics.

Talent Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) plays a vital role in making Entrepreneur First the default career preference for the most ambitious individuals in the world. As an EiR, your primary responsibility is to engage smart, talented individuals with strong founder potential and encourage them to start companies. For the highest-potential individuals we identify, you’ll be their point of contact from initial coffee meeting to their interview, offer, and the start of their programme.

This role sits within our Talent function and you will have the opportunity to help us shape our Talent strategy going forward. You will lead our digital marketing strategy to attract the brightest individuals both regionally and globally to apply for the programme. You’ll work closely with our Global Head of Talent and local company building teams, but this is a role with lots of autonomy and self-direction day-to-day. There are several possible growth opportunities which stem from taking on this role - EF is growing rapidly and as we scale new functions and roles with lots of responsibility are created.


About you

  • You’re entrepreneurial and driven to solve problems and create new things which make a real impact. 
  • You have a strong background in digital marketing. 
  • You think analytically and make data-driven decisions.

Core Objectives

At EF we use OKRs to set company and individual goals. You’ll be helping us to reach the overall Talent team objective - attract the world’s best technical individuals to join EF and build the world’s most important startups. Your four Key Results will be set around:

  • Digital branding - creating a well-established brand online. We want to attract the brightest individuals to apply directly to us. That requires us to develop a strong and recognised brand both regionally and at a global level. We believe that starting your own company will become a new career path for the most ambitious and exceptional individuals. 
  • Engagement - our talent operations team focus on identifying, sourcing and curating the best profiles online and offline, and you will be given a selection of the highest-potential individuals to build relationships with. You will be meeting 500 people who EF wants to talk to across 6 months and it will be your mission to get them intrigued to meet and find out more. Sometimes this means going to them (we often find ourselves drinking lots of coffee at university campuses or jumping on planes for a week of meetings). You’ll also be a regular contributor to the content EF produces, which helps engage specific communities of interest (and build on your personal brand).
  • Conversion - we currently ‘convert’ people to apply to EF through face-to-face meetings and invitations to exclusive events. It will be your responsibility to increase our conversion rate by meeting the best people face to face and building long-lasting relationships with them. The most interesting individuals are usually highly sought after talent, have many options to hand, and have lots of questions about EF. They require special attention and having you on the team means we can give it to them. Across our 6 month recruitment period, we would expect to see around half of your positive engagements turn into applicants. In line with our data-driven approach to talent acquisition, you’ll also help us set up a system to track our interactions and measure effectiveness of different types of engagement.
  • Cultivation - building effective relationships doesn’t end once someone applies to EF. You’ll also help us get better at retaining the best individuals by cultivating them throughout the interview process, during the offer window, and the period between accepting our offer to starting the programme. Typically this involved answering their questions, giving them advice on what to prepare, and putting them in touch with EF alumni. Here you’ll also work closely with the Programme team to ensure a smooth handover of information for once they start with us. We expect nearly all of your engaged individuals to start the programme, with the only dropouts owing to personal reasons beyond our control.


Why join Entrepreneur First?

The list of reasons why EF is a great company to join extends far beyond the salary package, and generous holiday allowance (20 days + 2 weeks at Christmas and CNY) you’ll receive.

You’ll also get to:

  • Surround yourself with the world’s smartest and most ambitious individuals and have the opportunity to help start an institution that can change the way the most ambitious engineers think about their careers. The potential impact is enormous.
  • Supercharge your learning - you’ll have a very steep learning curve and work in a talented, ambitious, and committed team of specialists.
  • Embed yourself within the EF network - we work with the best technologists, founders, and investors and high net worth individuals. 
  • Join a future cohort if you decide to build your next company with EF’s support..

Remuneration: this is an important role for EF. You will receive a base salary of S$5.5K - S$7.5K per month and carry.


About Entrepreneur First Team

Join as an individual, leave with a company. We believe the the world’s most important companies are created when smart, committed, and diverse individuals come together and form a breakthrough insight. With each cohort at EF, we bring together extraordinary people to form companies with ambitious and unique visions for the future. EF helps these entrepreneurs — from the very beginning of their journey — to form teams, choose a problem to work on, develop a differentiated approach, and fundraise from the world's best investors. Since 2011, we have built and funded more deep tech startups than any other investor. Magic Pony Technology was one of the largest AI exits of 2016, and the 80+ startups we have built are now worth more than $1 billion. EF is your best shot to build a globally important company. We are backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Founders Fund, Lakestar Capital, and Deep Mind founders Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman. Read Reid Hoffman's thoughts on EF.

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