Alumni Community Manager

Entrepreneur First Team, London

Entrepreneur First is where outliers come together.

Entrepreneur First has a mission to build the world's most important companies by creating the most valuable career path for the most ambitious people. EF’s bespoke programme, the first of its kind in the world, helps outstanding individuals to find co-founders and investment, and build high growth technology companies from scratch. The startups these individuals build solve big, important problems. To date we've helped build over 80 technology companies, collectively worth over $1bn from startups working on drug discovery, medtech, finance and the future of work.

EF is backed by Reid Hoffman (founder of LinkedIn) and Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Founders Fund, Lakestar and some of the world's best entrepreneurs.

What you will do:

  • Your objective will be to turn the EF Alumni Community into a network of EF evangelists; they should recognise EF as a step change in their career and the best place to start a startup.

Although we have a few ideas and principles (see below) about how to achieve this objective, we are looking for someone who can come in and design and execute their own strategy. 

  • Consider scale from the outset. The resource we are able to allocate to the Alumni community will not scale in line with the communities' growth; invest in approaches that enable self-organisation and organic engagement. Community members should see each other as the valuable resource, not EF itself. 
  • Begin with simple solutions; take agile approaches and experiment. There is a tendency to overbuild; start from a place of over-simplicity (e.g. email lists) and then iterate from there. 
  • Leverage existing technology platforms vs. building our own; it is very difficult to get the community to adopt a new platform that's not in their existing workflows. 
  • A blend of offline and online. We recognise the value of offline engagement as a pivotal part in driving relationship-building and community building. 
  • Focus on global connectivity; as EF scales globally the Alumni Community Manger will need to think about how we overcome regional boundaries in order to create a globally interconnected community. 

You will hit the ground running if you are 

  • Strategic and able to set your own direction. Your objective will be clear but it will up to you to decide how you get there, and how you will measure progress towards your goal
  • High energy individual with a can-do, no-excuses attitude
  • Can demonstrate an understanding of how products and features are developed
  • Have an understanding of how to make data driven decisions
  • Have a strong educational background and have experience working at an elite institution

Why join Entrepreneur First?

  • The opportunity to be a part of the most exciting company-builder in Europe.
  • Unparalleled exposure to a very large, credible network (including some of Europe’s top startup founders, investors, and senior executives).
  • Regular feedback, mentoring and career development chats.
  • Supercharge your learning - you’ll have a very steep learning curve and work in a talented, ambitious, and committed team of specialists.

What you get:

Above and beyond financial compensation, the benefits of working at EF include:

  • The opportunity to shape the activity of one of Europe’s most exciting startup organisations.
  • The opportunity to work closely with top technical talent, cutting-edge startups, innovative corporates and some of the world’s best educational institutions.
  • An intense but fun working environment, where everyone is obsessive about their job (as well as things outside it).
  • A book allowance to help us collectively build the EF library and access to our Cycle to Work scheme.


About Entrepreneur First Team

Join as an individual, leave with a company. We believe the the world’s most important companies are created when smart, committed, and diverse individuals come together and form a breakthrough insight. With each cohort at EF, we bring together extraordinary people to form companies with ambitious and unique visions for the future. EF helps these entrepreneurs — from the very beginning of their journey — to form teams, choose a problem to work on, develop a differentiated approach, and fundraise from the world's best investors. Since 2011, we have built and funded more deep tech startups than any other investor. Magic Pony Technology was one of the largest AI exits of 2016, and the 80+ startups we have built are now worth more than $1 billion. EF is your best shot to build a globally important company. We are backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Founders Fund, Lakestar Capital, and Deep Mind founders Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman. Read Reid Hoffman's thoughts on EF.

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