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Entrepreneur First Team, Singapore

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The Talent Manager is an exciting role that will own and develop a huge part of our business in Singapore. It’s a massive role, which offers an enormous opportunity for immediate impact on our business, a large amount of responsibility, and a steep and continued learning curve. This isn’t a conventional talent acquisition role - you’ll be recruiting the potential founders of some of the world’s most important tech companies.

We are looking for a smart and motivated team member with some experience in talent acquisition or sales, ideally with a track record of building and managing high-performance recruiting teams and creative implementation of talent strategy. The Talent Manger will be solely responsible for leading the team who ensure the best talent from across the globe is found, attracted and applies to EF. We'll train you on the EF way of doing things and specialised knowledge, but very soon you will be the expert locally.

We were told it was impossible to build companies from scratch, and over the past 5 years we have built a robust and scalable way to do this. The process works and has created some of the most valuable companies coming out of Europe, andAsia.

We are very ambitious for the future of Entrepreneur First and we believe that we have a unique opportunity to understand and develop the secret finding individuals who can build billion dollar companies. No other investor or company has access to this opportunity. 

What you’ll do:

  • Manage the Talent team, responsible for the delivery of full cohorts back to back.
  • Implement local talent strategy. You'll continuously transfer knowledge and sharing learnings with our global teams
  • Work directly with the regional MD to execute local talent strategy according to company goals.
  • Direct and track both high and low touch recruitment efforts
  • Work with other key internal stakeholders from other teams.
  • Conduct weekly check ins with Talent team members, set quarterly team goals (OKRs) 
  • Report weekly on key metrics and team performance.
  • Lead and manage Partner Programmes with universities, students and communities.
  • Lead bi-annual review cycle for the team.
  • Hiring and growing the team.

What we’re looking for:


  • Drive for results - you create focus, consistently measure performance against goals and evaluate results.
  • Pipeline Management - you’re analytical and think in terms of pipelines. You dig deep to make improvements at every stage.
  • Managing and measuring work - you can set stretching performance goals with clear measurables
  • Upward management/reporting - you create tight feedback loops and can present clear headlines to important stakeholders. You know when the detail is needed.
  • Problem-solving and planning - you instinctively anticipate and adjust for problems and roadblocks. You solve them with logic.
  • Influencing and closing - you know how to set specific goals which lead towards desired outcomes and have a good sense of timing.


  • Building and managing high-performance teams - you’ve had experience setting stretch goals for direct reports and have proven experience delivering results. You’re great at giving continuous feedback and getting the best out of your team and share wins.
  • Pipeline-driven workflows - you’re familiar working with high-volume pipelines, leads, pass rates, and engagement metrics. You’re familiar making short-term and long-term ROI decisions.
  • Sales or Talent experience - you have been a manager in either a sales or recruitment team in a high-growth organisation.
  • Tech talent insights - you have an understanding of the tech talent landscape and know who the big players are.
  • Startup knowledge - you’ve worked with or for startups and have a good view of the local ecosystem. A strong network is a plus.

Personal traits

  • Motivating others - you enjoys developing people and purposefully connecting their work to the larger mission.
  • Proactive - you don’t delay action pending instruction or permission.
  • Data-driven - you intuitively understand the value of data and making decisions based on empirical information.
  • Creative - you can come up with new and unique ideas, and make connections among previously unrelated notions.
  • Storyteller - you can sell a vision and get people bought into our strong beliefs.


Reporting: You will report into the local Form Lead (Allister Furey) and manage a team of Associates.

Start date: ASAP.

Compensation: this is an important role for EF. You will receive a base salary of S$7-9K per month, on top of significant upside via returns in our funds’ profits. We want you to live comfortably, but be incentivised by great outcomes for the portfolio.

Other benefits of working at EF include:

  • Changing how startups are created around the world
  • An extremely smart and ambitious team
  • A generous holiday allowance (20 days + national holidays + the weeks of Christmas & CNY)
  • An annual training allowance to support your professional development
  • Regular team events and global retreats

About Entrepreneur First Team

Join as an individual, leave with a company. We believe the the world’s most important companies are created when smart, committed, and diverse individuals come together and form a breakthrough insight. With each cohort at EF, we bring together extraordinary people to form companies with ambitious and unique visions for the future. EF helps these entrepreneurs — from the very beginning of their journey — to form teams, choose a problem to work on, develop a differentiated approach, and fundraise from the world's best investors. Since 2011, we have built and funded more deep tech startups than any other investor. Magic Pony Technology was one of the largest AI exits of 2016, and the 80+ startups we have built are now worth more than $1 billion. EF is your best shot to build a globally important company. We are backed by Reid Hoffman, Greylock Partners, Mosaic Ventures, Founders Fund, Lakestar Capital, and Deep Mind founders Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman. Read Reid Hoffman's thoughts on EF.

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